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Hemming a pair of jeans

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I just picked up a pair of PDC's real cheap, but it's about 2-3 inches too long. I'm going to get them hemmed tomorrow, and after searching older posts I know to ask them to use the original hem. My main question is: how long I should ask the tailor to make the legs? Obviously jeans shouldn't be hemmed as short as a pair of slacks, but I will go in wearing a pair of low-cut sneakers and was just curious as to how low they should fall. Also, should I ask them to leave any extra room for shrinkage? I would have washed them beforehand, but I plan on leaving them untouched and ebaying them in case it turns out that hemming them is going to be more trouble than its worth or screw up the styling of the jeans. Thanks.
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Personal preference. I like a lot of break, my rule of thumb is I should not be able to walk properly in jeans without shoes (i.e. hem touches ground.) As for shrinkage, depends on how you wash them, but my PDCs did not shrink that much, if at all.
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lets us know how that goes. i have a pair of two that could be hemmed as well, but I haven't thought about it.
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Leave room for shrinkage. It's always better to have them too long, and go back and get them fixed than to end up with flood pants. I personally like a lot of break on my jeans as well - a full and a half break, if such a thing exists.
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