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Since it was brought up on this board last week, I thought you all would get a kick out of this from today's Meet the Press: MR. RUSSERT: Before we go, Mr. Mehlman, clear up this mystery that has been raging on the Internet. This was the first debate, George Bush at the podium, the bulge in the back of the suit. All right. Come clean. What is it? MR. MEHLMAN: The president, in fact, was receiving secret signals from aliens in outer space. You heard it here on MEET THE PRESS. MR. SHRUM: You mean you sent Rove into orbit. MR. RUSSERT: It was not a bulletproof vest or magnets for his back or anything? MR. MEHLMAN: I'm not sure what it was, but the gentleman responsible for the tailoring of that suit is no longer working for this administration. MR. SHRUM: Well, wait a minute. Now, the president only wears Oxxford clothes. I'll bet that tailor is still there. MR. RUSSERT: May we all be smiling this way on November 2. Bob Shrum, thank you.