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Gordon carter (london) custom tailor

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Gentlemen: I just came across the website for Gordon Carter, a custom tailor in London. Gordon Carter Has anyone purchased suits from this establishment? Any comments or knowledge would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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I can't give you any info, but i too am curious about the quality. I like the idea of putting in my own measurements for a suit. Has anyone out there bought from Gordon Carter?
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Frankly, I'm very skeptical, for a couple reasons: 1 - It's impossible to gauge the fabric. Colors are often misrepresented on computer screens - just fiddle with the hue and brightness controls on your monitor to see what I mean. Moreover, how soft is it? How thick is it? How does it drape? You have no idea. 2 - I can't think of a reputable tailor that would make a suit based on sizes alone. There are likely members here with more experience in bespoke suits, but the one time I had a suit made, it took several measurings and fittings before it was finished. Measurements don't tell the whole story. 3 - Six weeks from start to finish? Sounds a bit rushed. With that said, I have ordered custom shirts online, and I've been very pleased. But a lot more goes into making a suit than a shirt, and if the shirt stinks, then I'm out 100 bucks max.
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Frankly, I'm very skeptical, for a couple reasons:
I, too, have doubts about ordering a suit online. Having thought it over, I found a local tailor (in Ann Arbor, MI) who will make a suit for me. He took dozens of measurements; he spent nearly two hours with me. I had the opportunity to look over cloth samples from several books. In the end, I was able to design a unique suit--one that will truly fit me. (Single breasted, two button, natural shoulder, ticket pocket, vest, dark navy blue with gray chalk pinstripe, side vents) In about two months, it will be finished, and the tailor, a person who really knows and loves his craft, will be able to do an exact final fitting. The cost will be nearly $1,200, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Having the services of an expert tailor makes all the difference.
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i checked out the site....pretty reasonable cost, for what looks to be the equiv of a Canali suit. edge stitching on the lapels, etc. i think the cashmere topcoat (if i can get it in black) is for me, at a sensible $1450
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No offense to anyone but I'm not at all impressed by the pictures I see on the site. The buttonholes aren't hand sewn, the picking in the lapels isn't done very well (and it looks like they may even have been done by machine,) the lapel is not laying properly on the chest (it's curled up slightly,) the whole suit looks stiff and over-pressed, the styling of the ticket pocket is very odd, etc. If this is what they chose for their pictures then I'd hate to see it in person. They state that it has a canvas front but they don't indicate whether the lapels are basted or fused. If the suits were substantially cheaper they might be worth a try but not at $1000+  For that price you can score ready-to-wear Brioni, Kiton, Attolini etc - no problem. You might even be able to get into a Hickey Freeman or Corneliani made-to-measure suit. (Actually, does anyone know if Corneliani does made-to-measure?) Make no mistake - the Gordon Carter suits are made-to-measure, not bespoke or custom.
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Corneliani does do made-to-measure according to their website
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