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Blue jeans

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Which brand(s) of jeans would you reccommend for the tall and slim? I have never had much luck with jeans as they never seem to look flattering on my tall, thin frame (always look ridiculously baggy or embarrasingly tight). I would imagine that European designers are producing a better tailored jean and would appreciate some advice as I don't really have access to any in my area. Having said that, I would prefer not to spend an unreasonably high price for jeans, thanks for any responses.
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I venture he's going to be looking at substantially more than that for the CN jeans. I would recommend the usual suspects at least at first, PDCs, since they are readily available and can be found for a relatively low price.
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Check out Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs.
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APC make some. The normal inseam is 34". $109. If you need a 36" inseam, the only "designer" type I know of is Diesel.
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My friend who is tall and thin swears by AG Jeans - specifically the "Fillmore" line.
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I have your same problem, as I am tall and slim (5-10, 140 lbs.) and finding jeans that fit me well can sometimes be on the challenging side.  I have had problems with Banana Republic trousers in general (including their jeans) since their 30 x 32's seem to shrink rediculously in the inseam, leaving me with a pair of pants which provide no break in the length.  I have tried some great jeans however, especially from Ermenegildo Zegna.  Their regular line is too baggy, so try their 6oz version (Zegna makes a 12oz denim, which is more like conventional denim, as well as a 6oz denim, which has a mini herringbone weave, is softer and provides more drape).  Their 6oz model fits me very well, and they come in a 34 inseam, so I will just have them hemmed a tad.  The only downside is that they are on the pricey side (just south of $200).  I am actually considering getting another pair of jeans, but I would like to get something a little less pricey. I have not tried PDC, but I will definetely check them out. Does anyone know how Hugo Boss jeans are cut? I seem to recall them making a straight leg model.
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Thanks everyone. I will definitely look into the brands you brought up. I have always preffered slim cut jeans, but the only problem with that is the length. It's always hard to find a 32-36 or 33-36. BTW, I own several pairs of Levis now. I don't know if they are 501's or not but I find that while they are affordable, they are not very durable. The area around the backpockets tends to show wear quite easily.
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Paper Denim and Cloth make excellent looking jeans in practically perfect cuts. I would check out the ICN or LTD styles (regular fit). I am a slim guy, and I like slim-fit jeans, but LTD seems to be an excellent semi-slim fit that balances out any extra topwear so you don't look out of proportion (skinny legs with a jacket on can look odd).
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Go shopping in the women's section . Not joking.
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Helmut Lang or APC make exactly what you seem to be looking for.
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Go shopping in the women's section . Not joking.
Assuming that you are, in fact, not joking, wouldn't women's jeans be cut considerably roomier in the hips? I'm not sure that would solve his problem...
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There are definitely women's jeans cut slimmer than anything you're likely to find in the men's dept. I've known some slim dudes going for a rockstar look that wore women's jeans - Earl's if I remember correctly.
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Like Baron says - some are and some aren't. I don't have the same problem myself so unfortunately I can't offer anything more specific. I just know that's what particularly skinny friends of mine do.
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