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(shoefan @ 19 Oct. 2004, 08:19) TKDKid: If you like the Paraboot, there is of course the JM Weston demi-chasse which is available on the rubber sole.  IMO the Weston is a classic, though priced accordingly.  It is pretty casual, not something to be worn with a suit or perhaps even a sport coat, other than a country-styled outfit/tweed.  Weston is now open in London around the corner from Paraboot, across from the entrance to the Burlington Arcade. FYI, you might also check out the Paraboot Constant available on sale here: Paraboots These appear a bit dressier than the ones you're considering yet less dressy than a cap-toe.
Thanks for the link.  I don't think I like the Constant model as much though, and in any case I've not tried on a pair of Paraboots before so I'm reluctant to order online. And the website doesn't have my size.   I think I've settled on getting the Radstock for now.  Maybe I'll buy the Paraboots for Christmas or something.  (Anyone know if the Paraboot store on Savile Row joins in with the usual winter/summer sales?)
Indeed, the Paraboot store on SR does have the usual post-Boxing Day sale items. Gotten some good deals there in the couple of years they've been there... Good luck. JV
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Too bad they are $625 and up.
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Well I got 'em: Definitely much nicer looking than my Stratfords and quite comfortable to wear too.  Just need to do some polishing before adding them to the (rainy day) rotation. Also took a pic of my first ever (and still only) pair of brown shoes to date: It's C&J's Dover model in some sort of dark chestnutty brown; I bought them in their summer sale and think they're great.  (Shame about the photography though - they look much nicer in person.)
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I have a 2 pair of Alan Edmonds - Stockbridge that I have found to be very comfortable for city walks on rainy days. Black and brown and only when it looks like rain.
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Ah, Paraboot, I tell people It's one of lifes great addictions. My first pairs were purchased in 1985 when they launched in the US at LOUIS BOSTON. I'm still wearing them and they sill look great. Thanks to their polish which is made out of bees wax. I own alot of great shoes but when I need to slug it out through the rain and snow. Should I say any more.
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