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Need a cordovan belt

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Know where to get one discounted? Shell cordovan is preferred but cordovan coloured is still ok. Silver coloured buckle is better, although I won't ruled out gold.
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If leather is ok Allen Edmonds makes both a merlot colored and a cordovan colored belt in more than one style. If time is not important, Ebay has many discounted for a buy it now price of around 50.00 or less on the A.E.s. Also, if you have a T.J. Maxx store nearby try there. I have gotten 3 or 4 Trafalgar belts there over the years for 8-12 $ . I even found a set of Trafalgar braces for my dad there once for 15.00. Respectfully, John
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I have a cordovan-coloured belt that I got from Winners several months ago. It's a Cole Haan. It's OK for $20. Winners always seems to have a supply of similar looking belts so you might want to check out a couple.
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I bought yesterday a belt like that. You need not look any further, but Danier's. Go to a Danier leather store (they are in every mall and main intersection) and you'll find something like that. It's on sale for $29+tax. They have three different ones in brown leather with silver buckle. The silver is muted and looks very rich. Also, try other department stores: Sears, Bay, etc. I saw at the Bay a very rich looking brown belt and silver buckle, but they didn't have my size. Maybe the other branches will have it. And don't try the expensive stores like Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew. They are at least $110+tax. Good luck. If you find some other alternatives, please let me know.
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Ben Silver has some very nice shell cordovan belts. They are one of the few places I know of that sell them in brown.
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I suggest you get in touch with the eminent holstermaker (and one of my best buddies) Greg Kramer. He can custom fabricate a belt for you from genuine shell cordovan (although he advises me that the configuration of shell cordovan hides does not permit a one-piece belt to be made from true shell cordovan). He can also make a belt from cordovan-died horsehide. Another specialty of his is sharkskin laminated to horsehide--damn things wear forever. He can also fabricate belts from laminates of a variety of other exotic skins, if that's the way your tastes run or
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