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Matching shoes and belt

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I bought a pair of dark brown alden captoes and ordered a dark brown robert talbott belt online (I did this because I had the hardest time finding a dark brown belt with a silver buckle, and for some reason I have a bias against gold). Turns out the belt is clearly darker than the shoes, but not that much darker. So just how close should they be to matching. Should I send the belt back and continue looking or does it not really matter as long as its somewhat close?
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I think as long as you're in the same ballpark you're fine. The two are separated by half your body anyway. Besides that, don't we usually argue that exactly matching items (eg, tie and pocket square) give a too studied look? I don't guess I knew Talbott made belts. Hmmm...
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Got it from Talbott no affiliation, ect, ect.
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Mr Houston, If I recall, in one of Mr. Flusser's books he mentions it is acceptable to go one shade darker for your belt in comparison to your shoes. It is not acceptable to go with a lighter colored belt in comparison to your shoes. I think Mr Flusser even mentions that a darker colored belt gives a dressier look. ( this opinion is also stated in , I think, a chic simple series on mens wardrobe as well). From personal experience- the last time I tried sliding by with a belt that was of a noticeably different and slightly lighter tone than my then new chestnut shoes my wife even commented on it "not looking put-together" ( The up side is I got to purchase a chestnut belts with 2 buckles that evening ) Respectfully, John
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I'd wear the belt. If the shades are not very distinguishable, it is acceptable to have them together. It's good also for your sanity. JohnG explained this issue in depth and I have nothing else to add to it. Good luck.
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Thanks for all the advice. I'm keeping it then.
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