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What happens to fake ebay sellers?

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I'm just wondering, since people can duplicate receipts, bags and of course fakes are getting accurate these days, what can you do if you were dupped? A girl in one of my courses bought a vuitton purse with all of the believable trimmings and later found out it was fake... is it basically a wonderfully air tight scam?
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Tell the young lady to get documentation from a reputable source (LV Authorized seller, etc.) that it is a fake, and then report it to eBay. She may be able to get a refund of her money, and she will definitely get the seller in deep doo-doo. From the Far Side of the World, Bryan jeep4wdva
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No offence to your friend but she should have done some checking before buying any LV from ebay. I would be surprised if 1% of what is sold on ebay is real. Unless it is old and tattered it is probably a fake. The ebay seller can be reported to ebay and they will be banned from selling. The problem is they can just start selling through a different account.
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You cannot do anything to the seller. if the seller can claim virtually anything to get by the problem. It better that the consumer be cautious. I know its pretty hard to tell authenticity of a small accessaries without verification from experts. But its usually what you pay is what you get. I do not expect LV or Gucci bag be anything around mere $100 US.
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