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Source for dress shoes

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Wondering if anyone can recommend some sources/brands of dress shoes that are: 1) well made, 2) not too expensive (ie less than $300, preferably quite a bit less), and 3) a break from the traditional wingtip/captoe routine without being trendy (eg I'm not interested in the clunky square-toed shoes that are finally, thankfully passing out of fashion; I'm also not into pointy-toed shoes). Thanks in advance.
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Bally makes a nice shoe that can be gotten for less than $300 at their outlets, retail is about $400, the Brenzo is a laceup that isn't brogued/captoe that comes in either lambskin or calf and is comfortable and modern without being particularly trendy.
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Look at To Boot New York by Adam Derrick. I have no personal experience with them, but there have been some favorable comments on the board as to their value relative to price point. Often available at Nordstrom Rack, if you have those where you are.
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Allen Edmonds at Nordstrom rack is the ticket. -Tom
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These look quite interesting to me: Florsheim "Lancaster" Johnston & Murphy "Keefer" Johnston & Murphy "Parish"
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I like this most: Crockett & Jones "The Weymouth"
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I like this most: Crockett & Jones "The Weymouth"
Wow. It depends on how expensive they are though. If within the budget, they will make a classy pair of dress shoes. I own a pair of cap-toe Florsheim though, and they are as sharp as any other expensive brand.
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Yes, if someone gave me $10 million dollars, I will buy myself an apartment overlooking central park, a great convertible, and a pair of C&J Weymouth.
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After buying the apartment, you wouldn't have any money left for the car or the shoes.  Unless it was on 110th Street.
How much are one of those apartments? I'll try asking for another $10 million.
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