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Shirt care

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Wondering how members care for dress shirts -- wash and iron yourself or send to dry cleaner? I understand that dry cleaning is not good for shirts, but ironing them yourself takes so long. Also, do you use starch or not? Finally, do you wash them after every time you wear them?
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Do a search, this topic has been addressed many times. Yes, wash them everytime you wear them.  Ideally, you should start soaking immediately after taking it off. Most drycleaners will ruin your nice shirts.  Obviously, some are better than others, but my experiences have been unfavorable.   Most of us machine wash our shirts with warm water in the delicate cycle, then line dry.  If you iron while your shirt is still slightly damp, it will go a lot faster.  No starch.   Others prefer to hand wash.  I'll defer to the experts about this.
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I machine wash most of my normal dress shirts. The ones I paid a lot of money for, don't wear a whole lot, and which I want to last a long time, I go through the extra few minutes worth of work and handwash, using a gentle detergent. I'm sure it would be fine to machine wash them, but I feel a little better knowing they are hand-washed.
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