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Spencer Hart

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Can anyone recommend the above tailor?? I'm considering him for some new suits/shirts.
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Trendy, fairly expensive, pseudo-minimalist designs by Nick Hart, who was a menswear designer at Chester Barrie and Timothy Everest. Not sure if the bespoke is true bespoke or made to measure. Was big into things like tiny shirt collars and narrow lapels along with Converse all-stars. Almost all shirts in the shop were white, almost all suits were black, that kind of thing.

Are you planning simply to buy some off the rack stuff, or are you actually planning to have stuff made there?
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Am going to have it made/bespoke. Will visit them tomorrow after meetings in the area to see what they have to say. I'm good with white shirts but not liking the small collars that are the current catwalk fashion (dont like how they expose the tie so much). A good semi cut collar with a small tie-knot is what attracted me to this tailor. Also, I am slim so 1 or 2 button suits are good for me.
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My fave shop I saw on the Row. Odd store layout, like a U-shaped hallway....def has a modern minimalist feel in his cut as well as storefront. IIRC, his pricing and Boateng's were the highest on the Row for bespoke.
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For about one tenth Spencer's pricing I'd go with Thick as Thieves.
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My local Marshalls had a Spencer Hart tux for $700 on clearance. The $5000 tag from Barney's or NM was still attached. Looked really nice to me.
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Their regular Italian spread collar is the best collar of any shirt I own. Their club collar is also very well executed.

Suit and tie are SH.

If your body fits their block, their RTW is on par with their MTM. Much as I love them, if you are going to go bespoke, go to one of the true old-school bespoke makers on the Row.
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Wow. That one button is drop dead gorgeous. I also like the vintage Ingy. A nice touch.
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can anyone comment on the quality of spencer hart?  I picked up this overcoat  for 50% off at Mr. Porter recently.  It fits really well and looks great.  I just want to make sure the quality is worthwhile, as I have no experience with the brand.  How does it measure up to Burberry?



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