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Dress shirts Sub $100

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Anyone have any brands they recommend? I've have owned the following:

1. Brooks Brothers: $98-$75.
The most expensive, I like the variety of fits although I think the fabric quality isn't what it was. Are they trading on their name?

2. MacCluer: $90-65
I stumbled across them at a small men's apparel stop and fell in love. I like the fabric and particular the substantial collar. I live and die by the collar and I don't starch so I like a shirt collar that can hold its shape.

3. Lord & Taylor Black Brown 1826. $80-50
Smooth feeling fabric on the thin side can be a benefit in hot weather.

4. EAGLE: $80-45
Non Iron works well, but tend to wear out quicker, fabric is ok not as nice as others.

I try not to invest too much in a shirt since I usually dispose of after a year due ring around the collar, sweat stains, and fraying at the cuff. I also figure anything over $100, you might as well go MTM.
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Only brand I can think of is Charles Tyrwhitt, which can be around $50 but only when you buy four or more.  No personal experience with them, but I know people that have them.  If you toss your shirts after a year, they should fit the bill.

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How do you like your shirts to fit? 


I've heard the Charles Tyrwhitt fits rather large, though they do have a super slim fit, which generally fits much better.


If you do like a tailored look, I would suggest looking at some Scandinavian brands. They seem to get the fabric, fit combo. 

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I tried on a SuitSupply shirt and was impressed with the quality.

Up until now I never paid any attention to the fit of the shirt. I can now understand why people go mtm route because it can be headache trying to find an otr shirt that is neither too tight or baggy.
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Big fan of Hugh and Crye 

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