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Sport Coat on Short Notice

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I've started a new position where office dress is largely sport coat/blazer and no tie. I expected suits, so I'm a little caught off guard as my wardrobe doesn't consist of any suitable odd jackets. I know, but I've spent the majority of my career in scrubs or a simple shirt/tie combo.

I'm a slim fit 40R with my suit jackets all taken in slightly at the waist.

I'm in a new metropolitan area without my go to menswear shop for guidance. Where would you recommend to pickup an off the rack sport coat/blazer on shorter notice? Should I just pop into BB and drop the coin or are there smarter buys until I can build out my wardrobe? J. Crew, Nordstroms,et al are all local to me.
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It all depends on your priorities. Do you want something quick and cheap, that you can replace (i.e.g, get rid of) soon? Mens Wearhouse or JAB. Do you want something quick, but of decent quality that you can continue to wear even after you have time to fill out your wardrobe? BB, or maybe Nordstrom. Or do you want to start a relationship with a local haberdashery? You'd need to provide your location for recommendations. Do you want to keep costs as low as possible and fashion isn't too important? Break the rules and wear your suit coat as a sport coat until you have time to get a good quality actual sport coat.

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I don't have any interest in spending money on something that won't see wear, so I'm not interested in a JAB or MW stop gap.

As you suggested, I would like a decent quality jacket I can wear now and won't be inclined to ignore later. I had BB in mind, but didn't want to pony up the full priced cost if there was a smarter alternative in the meantime. I wasn't sure if any offerings from J Crew, Nieman Marcus, or Nordstrom might fit the immediate need more reasonably. I'd prefer to spend no more than $350-$400 at the moment.

I thought my location would display, but I am in Charlotte, NC.
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At Nordstrom, look for Samuelsohn, Hickey Freeman, or Canali. Depending on financial circumstances, you can also look at Nordstrom Rack, where these brands can sometimes be found at clearance prices. The BB at SouthPark in Charlotte isn't bad. A couple of the associates there are twits, but there are also some very helpful people.


Also, you'll need to keep in mind the price of alterations. I think BB and Nordstrom provide free alterations for garments purchased there.

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