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Alden Indy boots..structured toe?

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Hey all: 


I can't believe I can't find this anywhere and hoping people here might know. I'm in the process of ordering my first pair of Truman's and really can't decide between structured and unstructured. The thought of collapsed toes makes my skin crawl but I'm not a huge fan of big bulbous toes which end up looking like work boots to me. 


I have a pair of Indy boots and can't seem to locate any info on whether they're structured or unstructured. They feel firmer than the rest of the boot, so I'm assuming they are, and they don't seem bulbous. 


Anyone have info or advice?

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I think you might be confusing two separate issues here.

When people talk about structured and unstructured in regards to shoes/boots they are usually talking about the shoe/boot not being lined or canvas reinforced in some way, which would make the shoe more breathable/flexible (but lose form more quickly). This doesn't automatically mean that there will be no toe or heel stiffeners in the boot, which I've usually seen included even on shoes which are unstructured/unlined. A plastic or leather stiffener is moldable to the last of the boot, so it will not necessarily have impact on creating more bulk on the toe. Steel stiffeners however would, since they are less maliable.

I don't have experience with Alden shoes, but I believe the Alden Indy boot is both lined/structured and has toe and heel stiffeners. So if you really like the feel of them, maybe you should just go with structured. I would get in contact with Truman customer service and ask them if their unstructured boot still has toe and heel reinforcement, so that you know for sure.
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Thanks for the insight. I received a reply from Shoemart and the Indy's are indeed structured toes. 

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