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Boots for all occasions

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I work in an office in Seattle. As such I do a lot of walking around in rainy / snowy weather for a good portion of the year. I've been getting by so far with Beater shoes at the moment to handle days with worse weather, but I was looking to invest in something that I could really use for all around wear. I started looking for boots that would 


1. Look good with slacks & dress shirt

2. Look good with casual wear

3. Can be worn in the rain / snow / dirt


I'm not looking to do any extreme hiking with these shoes, but I'd like to be able to take them through a snow street or muddy field without worrying too much.


I saw these from Oak street that I though might work


I'm not sure if anyone else has any advice.



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These would be great

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I'm not sure these would deal with rain very well. They're made of calfskin leather which I've been told is decidedly not well suited for rain.

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My gotos last couple of winter months have been my chelsea boots (Wolverine 1k with rubber soles and Thursday Boots with vibram).


Both to work and weekends (semi-casual attire weekdays and dark blue jeans plus leather jacket in weekends).


I just prefer chelsea boots as I'm a field engineer by profession so I spent a lot time in airports flying in between cities so the chelseas are easier to remove/put on during TSA checks and go with 90% of my attire for work/weekend.

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