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Frank Clegg English Briefcase colour dilemma.

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For the last ten years I've been using a leather messenger bag to carry my things when I commute to and from work. I also am one of those people who bring it with him wherever I go as I find it convenient to hold my random things, wallet, iphone, a book, gloves, etc.... As my current bag isn't of any great quality it has started looking worse for wear and I've been thinking now that I'm older (mid thirties) and work in the financial district of Toronto it would be time to upgrade. I've read a lot of good things online about the Frank Clegg English Briefcase and really like the style. My question is concerning colour as for years I've only ever owned dark brown or tobacco coloured leather bags but part of me is really leaning towards this green colour on their website. My concern is that this colour isn't as versatile. Would this be considered more, or less formal than a lighter brown? My job is more on the business casual side (we never wear suits) and I wear a lot of Navy, light blues, khakis. What are your thoughts? Is this colour risky for a bag I hope to use for at least the next 10 years or more? Also how well would it go with more casual outfits such jeans and button down shirts on the weekend. I've included an example in the picture below (I couldn't get the picture directly from the website as it seems to have just shut down for some reason)



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Obviously, green is less natural, and less traditional, than brown shades. Odd shades (like this green) are more fashion-focused and will be less versatile, as you've already observed. So, its clearly a tradeoff. Do you want something that will never appear odd, or do you want a change with a shade that will stick out and show personality?


You clearly want longevity from your new bag, therefore, without knowing precisely how you'll use it, it'd be safer to stick with a color that fits more situations, which would be the browns you've already tried. In my opinion, that's what I'd do. 

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I have the English brief in Chocolate and absolutely love it.

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@dangibbons1981- Just go with the British Racing Green Bridle!!!! Be different! Don't have to be the same as every other guy on the street carrying a brown or black bag. This Clegg case is one really cool bag to begin with so no matter who sees you carrying it, the only thing they will be thinking is, "dang...that is one cool bag". Go with the green! It is a beautiful shade.

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You can always order both bags and return the one you don't like. I will say we have noticed the hunter green and navy have been outselling the black which might sound surprising. 


Let me know if you would like us to send out leather swatches.



Ian Clegg

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