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Originally Posted by xmx250 View Post
Okay guys i need some help. my skin doesnt look as good as it should. The texture and look of it makes it look like it needs some serious care.

My skin is always either dry or oily. If its not oily its dry, if it not dry its oily. I cant seem to have a perfect inbetween. The skin on my arms seems to maintain a natural smoothness and balance. However i cant say the same for my face. I also think i have some blackheads and what not. I want to smooth out my skin tone and just have fresh skin again. I'm in my early twenties so i'm hoping its possible to improve. BTW i dont have a problem with acne, just some razor bumps. My skin is dark (brown skin tone)

What skin products and routines can you guys recommend? I want to start cleaning pores, exfoliating, rejuvinating, etc. i know nothing about lotions, scrubs, exfoliators, moisturizers, etc.... I've always just grabbed whatever bottle of lotion that was laying around and thats what went on my face. At this point i'm disappointed in how my facial skin looks and i want to improve it. Thanks in advance

Try this vitamin regimen, I swear by it, and my skin & body have never looked and felt this good! I promise you will not be disappointed!
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i cleanse twice a day
use lotion with calcium and alpha hydroxy in morning , eye cream, then lotion with spf 15 over all that in morning
eye cream and night cream at night

clay mask once a week
deep hydrating mask once a weak
home facial peel once a week
microdermabrasion scrub once a week

facial once a month

and also a load of tablets, capsules and such
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I'm using Clinique's shaving and acne-free cleansing systems right now and so far I am really liking them. My skin looks and feels a lot better. However, I have really bad dark circles and I've never found an eye cream that helps. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by egoiste View Post
Your daily regimen should consist of something like this (ideally):

1. Exfoliate -- use a daily exfoliator (if you don't shave everyday, then adjust accordindly) to prep for shaving. A daily exfoliator will be less harsh (there will be a lot more cleanser than beads) than a specialized /weekly scrub which you should use 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating basically means to remove remove older skin cells and reveal younger skin cells thus making your face looking softer, younger.
2. Shaving cream/gel for shaving -- to ease shaving.
3. Moisturize -- very crucial as a good moisturizer will soften your skin and over time re-texturize your skin and make it softer. Make sure to look for "oil-free" so it won't clog your pores and make your skin even oilier.
4. Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) -- very important as more than half of skin damage is from the sun. Wear it even on cloudy days and when you know you will be outside for more than 15 minutes. Sunscreen will save your skin from discoloration, uneveness and wrinkles. Sun damage (even 15-30 minutes day to day damage that occurs) eventually will take its toll on your skin, though it may take years to see its effects.

1. Cleanse face -- use a basic cleanser, I would suggest something oil-free as well.
2. Moisturize -- I would recommend using a night cream as it will both moisturize and exfoliate. Something with an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) as this will help with your uneveness in skin tone and bumpiness.

Special Products:
These products are optional and not part of the basic skin care regimen, but will definitely help with your skin look its best.
1. Clay Mask (to reduce oiliness/blackheads, minimize look of pores) -- if you use this over a long period of time, you will see a huge difference in your skin tone, clarity and texture. Your pores will also be less visible and a lot smaller. Use 2-3 times a week.
2. Eye cream -- If used regularly, this can help with undereyes issues such as puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.
3. Toner -- I consider this an optional product personally, though some would disagree. I used to use a toner, but it was just too much of a hassle and I don't care for it anymore. Used after cleansing and before moisturzing, this will restore your skin ph's balance and make moisturizing more effective.

Some other things to note. Wash your face only twice a day, more if needed (if you work out/exercise, the environment you are in is particuarly dirty that day), once in the morning then once at night. Cleansing it more than twice a day will strip your skin of its natural oils and thus make it at first a lot dryer than it is, but eventually more oilier as your skin will compensate for the dryness and make extra oil.

Some brands worth exploring if you are new to skin care: Baxter of California, Anthony's Logistics, Jack Black, Urth. They are all formulated for men specifically.

I use a basic ph balanced cleanser (Dan Kern's Cleanser), Neutrogena Men SPF 15 for a moisturizer and sunscreen, Baxter of California AHA Enriched Night Cream, Menaji 911 Eye Gel and a basic spa clay mask from time to time. I used to have a lot of acne scars, uneveness in my skin tone (some parts were darker than others), and the texture was a lot rougher, but since using a skin care regimen it has definitely helped a lot. I hope this helps!

Like the others aforementioned, visit
1. -- has a 'basic' training guide to the left which can answer any questions you have on skin care. sells lots of brands and offers free shipping, samples.
2. -- a skin care blog for men. offers reviews of skin care products and answers questions on general skin care issues.

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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
I'm using Clinique's shaving and acne-free cleansing systems right now and so far I am really liking them. My skin looks and feels a lot better.

However, I have really bad dark circles and I've never found an eye cream that helps. Any suggestions?


I'm guessing that the eye creams were the vitamin K ones? Cucumbers should work if you give it a bit of time, same with tea bags.
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Originally Posted by Becks23 View Post
Bird's Nest is essentially bird spit in nest form
Does tonguing my parakeet count?
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