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Keep Tight Park Avenues or Move Up a Half Size?

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I've read the other posts about proper shoe sizing, but I was hoping to get your opinions about what I should do in my particular situation.  I wear dress shoes every day for work.  My New Years resolution was to start wearing shoes that didn't fall apart in a few months.  I went to the Allen Edmonds store an hour from my house to get sized.  They told me I was an 8EEE but they, understandably, didn't offer me any shoes to try on because I was looking to get a pair from shoebank.  I got my 8EEE Park Avenues this week.  I wore them one day and developed a 1" x 1" blister on my right heel.  It was noticeably tight on my right pinky toe.  The left foot felt snug, but OK.  I found a pair of 8.5EEE Allen Edmond Wingham loafers used and have worn them a few times without issue.  They were a little loose at the heel so I added a tongue pad and they seem just fine now.


I contacted the very nice people at AE who agreed to let me trade them out once since it was my first purchase from them.  My question to everyone is, should I trade them in for the next size up or hold on to what I've got and try to break them in?  I know the Park Avenue last runs narrow but I don't think it should change what your proper size is.  I've seen opinions that shoes should fit perfectly when you first put them on and others suggesting even AEs need a break in period.  Thoughts?  

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There is no one in the forums that can give the answer in the question you pose - you only (and not the Brannock device) can make that determination.


I am in the same phase with you (currently building a collection of 'quality' shoes - at least the way quality is defined in those forums) and couldn't find a Park Avenue size / width that fits perfectly. The sales associate who helped me figure out my fit in the Park Avenue had me try many different shoes starting from 8D (which is what I typically wear but was very tight in the toe box) going to 9C (which is what I finally purchased). In my understanding when you go up in terms of size you have to change width as well, e.g., there was no way for me to go from 8D to 9D. 9C was the best fit for me, albeit tight on the waist, and the sales associate discouraged me from purchasing it, saying it has to fit like a glove. I purchased it regardless hoping that it will break. I suggest you do the same: go to the store, ask them to experiment with some Park Avenue models and buy the one that fits optimally from the shoe bank. 


Also, you need to understand that different AE models were build on different lasts and you might end up having optimal fit in different size/width across different lasts. So you might want to ask the store to give you other lasts to try, apart from the PA one.


Hope that helps

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I'm moving to Wish I could delete this thread. I recommend seeking advice somewhere other than this site's forums.
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Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes

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Ignore sizes, buy shoes that actually fit. Lasts, materials and workmanship - even of robots work to a tolerance and if you are marginal either way, the shoe won't fit.
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