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I second the used club option. Golfsmith is awesome, because they let you hit all you want in the store, basically 'borrow' a set of clubs for a day, and they have so much variety in used clubs. I'm a lefty, and they had as many used sets as some places have new.

Originally Posted by callen
Golf clubs need to be as visually appealing to you as they are technologically sound. so to me if it is ugly i don't care how "great" a club is.

I couldn't care less about the visual appeal, to be honest. Is there that much difference for you? Which clubs would you call ugly?

Since we've opened the subject, what are your guys' favorite courses?
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What just happened at the British Open is further evidence that golf is the most maddening sport ever. Your opponents cannot directly affect your game. It's just you, the ball, and the hole.
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