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Hello all,


I’m writing this thread because I’m seeking advice/suggestions in getting work in a menswear company (or womenswear company). I’ve had no success in landing an entry-level position in a company.


I’ve started my own LLC menswear company with the dream of making it into something successful — so far completely on my own. Through that process, I’ve learned so much! I’ve taken my company from inception to producing samples.


I don’t have a fashion BFA degree — I have a BFA in graphic design. I feel the on-the-job experience from my own company, the fashion courses I have completed, and the skills from my many years as a graphic designer can fulfill many of the required tasks in an entry level fashion position. I would say I qualify for assistant designer and assistant tech designer positions.


Here’s a brief breakdown of what I have to offer:


              • Sketching

              • Knowledge of garment construction

              • Produce technical designs using Adobe Illustrator

              • Produce tech packs with detailed construction instructions

              • Produce spec sheets

              • Produce flat drawings

              • Work with pattern makers to ensure fit and ensure design integrity

              • Work with garment factory and other vendors


              Technical Skills

              • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)

              • Web PDM and PLM

              • Word

              • Excel



              • BFA Graphic Design

              • AAS Advertising Design

              • AAS General Illustration


              Continuing Education Courses

              • Product Development With PLM / Gerber Web PDM

              • Intro to Textile for Fashion Designers

              • Fashion Design Using Adobe Photoshop

              • Fashion Design Using Adobe Illustrator

              • Sewing Techniques I

              • Fashion Art and Design


I am always looking to learn more and working at an established menswear brand would facilitate additional knowledge, experience, and exposure.


Any advice getting my foot in the door or and business tips?


Thanks all!