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Why not just jump to the chase and invite a girl you have your eye on over to your place, make her dinner, open a bottle of wine, get on the couch together and watch a rented DVD, and see where it goes from there? Sounds a lot more fun to me than going out to clubs in some college town. Unless that is, you don't have a specific girl in mind...
We Athenians do things different. This is not a courting ritual, this is a rite of passage into legalhood.
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happy birthday and don't do anything too stupid.
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valuable advice, as always, gqlawyer.
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Wear what you want and feel comfortable in. There are many men who feel certain things are more masculine and the like, but do not concern yourself with them. If you want to , say dye your hair blonde and party at a club all night, then by all means do it. You are no worse, or less of a man compared to someone who drinks themselves into oblivion for whatever reasons (followers mainly) I would opt for something other than jeans if you are going somewhere nice.
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