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Tux rental in Philly?

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I don't need to buy one, just rent. Can anyone recommend a good place to get it from -- I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to look better. Is it even possible to look good in a rented tux?
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For a little over $200 you can get a semi-decent tuxedo:


Of course, you'd have to have some alterations done, but altogether, a pretty good deal.
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I'm a short, though. Anyone?
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There are couple of rental places around 12th and Walnut. I really don't know anything about them.

Have you tried Syms? They often have decent tuxes for cheap.
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I think Sophisticated Seconds (20th and Sansom) is worth checking out before you rent a tux. It's a consignment store. I've seen Canali, Zegna, etc. suits there for cheaper than the cost of renting a tux. They had a few tuxes as well. I've heard that you can bargain with the lady, but I haven't tried it.
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Ventresca's, I think they are in Doylestown, Not sure. I think they even make there own rental tuxedos rather than than use the big cheap brands.
Ask for Len Ventresca
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Bumping this from the dead because I've failed to convince my other groomsmen that we should buy our tuxes for my friends wedding in December in Philly. Buncha utilitarian engineering types...

I'm looking for the nicest rental options but from what I can tell it's either: garbage or buy. Any Philadelphia area options that are a notch above?
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