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Shoes: brown top-sider combination

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I've seen these top-siders for sale and I want some ideas on what kind of clothes should go with them. Here is the link: Some of my own observations about them I've noticed that top-siders are not frequently used here in North America. Having lived in Europe for most of my life, I've seen them worn by a lot of europian men. They wear them usually evernings (summer, spirng and autumn), and week-ends. They wear them usually with khakis/chinos and jeans. They are worn by men of all ages. It's very common that a lot of young men in their early twenties wear them with chinos, jeans, or shorts. In some of the mediterrenian countries, they even go further by wearing them without socks. Here in North America it is very unusual. Now, your thoughts gentlmen.
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I don't think it's unusual at all to seem men in North America wearing top-siders. They're certainly a classic American casual shoe. I would think the preference would be no socks. I generally think Sperry makes a decent knock about shoe, although I prefer to get them on sale.
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I had some in high school. My thoughts are that in the US they will be common among the preppier dressers. I can't say whether they might be common in Canada. I used to wear them with chinos and jeans, and they held up pretty well. They are murder on your feet if you are doing any walking, though. I had these before I had a car, so that stands out in my mind.
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i have a pair that i wore just yesterday with jeans. mine are made by Bass. they must be a couple years old by now. a few weeks ago they got guacamole splashed on them so i recently cleaned them up with saddle soap and re-polished them with neutral polish - they look nice once again. it's a bit like wearing a baseball glove on your foot. very comfortable and relaxed. i actually do a good bit of walking in mine, but i have a birkenstock 'orthotic'-style insert that i use because my feet are flat. more often than not i wear them without socks. /andrew
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