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Lower end clothes?

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I am 25 years old and work full time and go to school full time. I wear a lot of Polo and Kenneth Cole because I buy it super cheap at work. I jsut bought $69.50 Polo dress shirts for $16.00. I can't afford the expensive shoes and $2,000 suits. I feel inferior on this website because so many people talka bout high end clothing I don't have. What's wrong with the basics like Polo. Am I the only one who feels this way? Please let me know how you feel.
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I wouldn't feel too put off by it, I just think that generally, people on here are looking for some information, comparisons, etc. when making an expensive purchase. Nobody stresses too much over a smaller (under 70 bucks, eg) purchase. Though if you want some opinions on Banana Republic or the more mass marketed brands, you will definitely get them. But I haven't found anybody on this site to be unfriendly or condescending about much. So you shouldn't feel out of place at all. Now about Kenneth Cole...
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A majority of people on this forum get their $2000 suits for a couple hundred bucks... after you've been around for awhile you'll start to do the same I'm sure.
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i think you'll find a lot of us on here who don't, or can't, spend big chunks of money on clothes...which, i believe, makes it all the more important to educate yourself on what constitutes good clothing - that way you minimize the 'mistakes', thus saving money. for some inspiration, take a look at the great "under $30" thread. there are a great many of us who seem to have collected our wardrobes from thrift stores. /andrew
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Ah, don't sweat it. Besides, there are a lot of niche brands (I'm thinking mostly of streetwear, of course) like Wrangler 47, Unis, and A.P.C. that aren't that much more expensive than BR (and are in fact sometimes cheaper,) and the styling and is more unique.
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I wouldn't get my defenses up, either. Believe me when I tell you I'm not in a position to spend big money on clothes. However, if you're really interested in clothes you'll learn how to take the money you already spend and make it go a lot further by making better choices. And you also have to accept some people simply have more money. Don't take it as a knock on you.
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I have been frequenting these boards for a few weeks now and i find your observation somewhat innacurate. I never felt inferior to those who can afford more expensive clothing items as it is not in my budget a tthis time being. I also find the people on these boards to be very gentlemen-like. They are helpful and I fail to see a condescendant tone in their posts. Sure, there might be one exception but that person seems to have forgotten his country's motto.
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i think you'll find a lot of us on here who don't, or can't, spend big chunks of money on clothes...which, i believe, makes it all the more important to educate yourself on what constitutes good clothing - that way you minimize the 'mistakes', thus saving money.
The flip side of this is that when you do finally make or save enough kale to buy some nice stuff, you'll be educated about what a suit is actually worth and will be less likely to spend $2000 on a suit that should be $500 (one might say Armani, Boss, etc.)   Also these threads are good to know how something SHOULD fit.  A well fitting shirt from the Gap is better than a poorly fitting shirt from Neiman Marcus.  That's something everyone should learn. Finally, as a tip, you shouldn't be spending $200 on Kenneth Cole.  They're too expensive for what you get.  Look around some more and you'll find shoes that will last longer for less money. One might argue the same thing with Ralph Lauren.
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remember, it's the style forum, not the money forum. i don't have the means or need to wear $2000 suits either. i have learned a few things here though about brands i didn't even know existed. and i've been surprised by how many guys shop for clothes on e-bay, which i've still to do.
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there are very few men that can shop with abandon for $5000 kiton suits and similary high priced(though beautiful) accessories. i would imagine that those that can, probably are not as passionate about clothes as we are here..learn from what you read here and grow into to your own style self..remember, 1 beautiful tie @ $125 is better than3 cheaper for same price..anyway, if you follow many of the writers in the styleforum you'll soon learn where to buy that $125 ties for $40
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a lot of people talk about the high end clothing, but i doubt many on this board pay anything close to retail for it. develop a personal style with your polo and KC and be comfortable in it.
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For me, the real benefit of this forum has been learning about quality. Too many people equate price with quality - I still do this with wine because I just don't know any better. And while we do talk about lofty brands on here, they are more examples of good quality than status symbols (although they are status symbols to a certain extent). However, once you know what makes a quality suit (shirt, shoes, etc.), price becomes irrelevant: you won't pay too much for crappy clothes, and you may find great clothes for cheap. For example, Jantzen shirts, probably the most recommended brand on this forum, is dirt cheap. Second and third are probably Edward Green and Oxxford - which are both considerably more expensive (although Oxxford can be found on discount). We respect quality - regardless of price or style.
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For me, the real benefit of this forum has been learning about quality.  
Exactly - I couldn't put it better myself. The key is to learn about quality and then apply that knowledge to the purchases you make no matter the amount you pay. I hope no one is embarrassed to ask about lower priced brands on this forum, because without asking, we will never be able to learn what is a deal, and what is not. Bradford
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Do a search and find the survey here about posters' average incomes. Suprise. Plus there are great threads about taking care of things which makes a big difference on how long they last and how they appear to others. Have fun.
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High-priced style on a budget is a common theme here. Most of the time, when we're showing off pictures of our expensive suits and shoes and shirts and belts and watches and whatever, we've probably only paid half price or less. And even if we didn't, don't go thinking that our $$$ clothing makes us immediately more stylish. It doesn't. It's how you wear your clothes that counts for most of your style.
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