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What style should a short man avoid?

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If one is height-challenged but still wants to be stylish, what style should he stay away from? Broad shoulders? Vertical stripes?
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I think Flusser had something to say about this. See: Also, I'm sure this issue has been previously discussed here and/or on Ask Andy. Perhaps the search function might shed some light. Sorry I can't be more helpful....
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I think the worst thing a short person can do is buy a regular or long suit and simply shorten the sleeves and pants.I think largely it depends if you're short and slim vs.short and stocky.The short, slim guy should look for clothes that elongate and add width ,while the short, stocky guy should look for clothes that give the illusion of length,and minimalize girth.I think basic good choices are pinstripes,darker colors,herringbones,and smooth,not hevily textured fabrics.Two button instead of 3 would be more flattering,as the elongated gorge would be favorable to adding to the illusion of length.Whatever you choose,it's essential that your sleeves not be too long,and the pants are long enough.
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Vertical stripes will elongate your frame which sounds like what you want. I would avoid artificially broad shouldered jackets and horizontal striping, though. Continuous color schemes, such as that which carry similar color schemes from bottom to top will also have an elongating effect.
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I agree with most of what Manton says, at least the parts that I understood. I disagree, though, about trousers. I think that wearing them at one's natural waist results in a longer, more elegant line. I would underscore the jacket length point. A jacket that is too long, even by an inch or two, completely throws off the proportions of a suit and reduces one's legs to stumps. dan
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Dark colors usually flatter. However stay away from double breasted suits that are cut in a roomy fashion. I.e. America sack suits, etc.
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I myself, only wear suits, no sport coats, only wear dark fabrics, wear black shoes, darkish blue (what is sometimes called "french" or "ocean" blue) shirts. most of my suits are striped. I like to think that it makes me look taller...
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I disagree with Manton about the shoulders of the coat -- I think that a sloped shoulder is more elongating than a square shoulder. In my opinion, the square shoulder runs the risk of making one look stumpy if he is on the short side.
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FWIW (for I'm six foot even), I strongy believe that forward pleats elongate one's appearance dramatically. I suggest you at least give them a try....
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