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A very sophisticated Challenge for the 22nd - Victory in Detail. 


@RoSaCe was a clear winner with his combination of warm hues.


@Claghorn and his impressive image lighting was joint second with  @EFV whose green socks lifted his already excellent outfit.


Third was @DiplomaticTies with coordinating orange accessories.





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The final Challenge of July 2016 - The Local Challenge.  This challenge gave entrants the opportunity to highlight a very local craftsman by wearing his or her production. The rules also demanded a little explanation about the piece chosen - all with a view to increasing our knowledge of truly local artisans.


@Claghorn won this one with a Harris Tweed briefcase handmade by his good friend, Younghyun Kim.  Clags became her first customer. His second commission from her is this lovely Harris Tweed briefcase which was the prototype of a small run.


@Mr Knightley was second with his Van Buck tie. Van Buck is a second generation family-run business. Founded by Peter Rayner and Tim Buckman in the 1970's, their factory and office is located in a small village in Sible Hedingham, Essex, which lies about 15 miles from Mr K's home.


@Prince of Paisley was joint third in his waxed cotton moto jacket from Burke & Wills. These are handmade in Victoria, Australia.


@SYCSYC was joint third with his Howards tie.  Frederic Costa, founder of the brand , was at age 16, a mechanic at BMW and a very gifted one. The story says he decided to make a career as a tiemaker because he was unsatisfied by the tie he wore during a meeting at Ferrari. At the age of 20, in 1997, he opened his first store in Paris.

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OK, time to move into the holiday season proper,  with slim entries and votes rather thin on the ground too.  @Claghorn tried his best to raise some interest with a challenging Challenge called 'The Subtly Odd'.  Too subtle for most, obviously, as only four of us took part :D


@Claghorn and @SYCSYC were joint winners.


@bienluienapris was second.


@Mr Knightley was third.


Spot anything Odd?  No, I didn't think so!









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Only two Challenges in August 2016 and this was the second on the 26th - the dubiously named 'Drown in Brown'.


Never a fan of brown,  @Anden has helped me to see the colour differently.  His winning fit was quite superb!  @Claghorn was second. 


@Brovsko was in third place.




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Two-thirds of the way through the year now and some interesting figures emerging.


Most consistent podium finisher and most wins:


@Claghorn with nine!  Also three wins.


@Gerry Nelson has been on the podium eight times with two wins.


@Anden has six podiums and three wins.



Winners with no other podium placing so far in 2016:



@in sitches



Most podium placings but no win yet:


@Tom Miler - (3) incl. one joint pic with EFV.

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Originally Posted by Mr Knightley View Post



Great pants, @Gerry Nelson. What are they?

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Originally Posted by Myshkin View Post


Great pants, @Gerry Nelson. What are they?


Thank you. They're lambswool flannel by Epaulet.

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The changing seasons often bring the most interesting fits so let's see what happens on the Friday Challenge front as we move into September 2016.


The first Challenge on the 2nd was another #menswear contest.  Called #Menswear Aficionado it produced some great entries.  @Coxsackie won it.


@An Acute Style came second and there were no less than four tied for third:





@sebastian mcfox












Seb McF

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Let's move further into September and the 'Untie your Tie' Challenge of the 9th.  A hard look to pull off?  Not for @Anden the winner this week!  Nor for @sebastian mcfox runner up.  In joint third were @Coxsackie and @Kaplan both looking pretty cool too!





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So, continuing our Review of the Friday Challenges of 2016 let's get into 'Some Kind of Blue'


For the FC on 16 September @Anden specified that you could wear any blue except navy - navy could only be used with other blues.


@sebastian mcfox is on a roll at this point in the year, comfortably winning this one.  @upr_crust was second with multiple blues and @Coxsackie third with one of my favourite colour combinations of the FCs so far.



Seb McFox





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Almost three-quarters of the way through the year and for the 23rd September @sebastian mcfox enticed us out of the sweaty confines of the basement to embrace the glory of the elements. 


Show us, he begged,  the sun illuminating that Solaro suit. Reveal how that double-breasted, 30oz tweed overcoat shields you from the blizzard. The Challenge was The Great Outdoors:


Well, I wonder if we really lived up to that tall order! 


As it happened  I was leaving for ever the sweaty confines of my old office for a new one with AC!  So I took a few pics round and about the old place and was surprised to win this one.  @upr_crust was second again and @RoSaCe was in joint third place with @Roycru - all in rather more glamorous settings...


Mr K







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The final Challenge of September 2016 was very kindly organised by @upr_crust who had been runner-up the previous week.  I was, at the time, getting ready to leave for the US and hoping to meet Upr_ while in NYC.  Regrettably, his nasty fall prohibited that...


Anyway, back to the Challenge it was about debunking the ancient myth of "blue and green must never been seen".


Called 'Blue and Green Now Must Be Seen', it attracted a good field and was won by @Cleav


@heldentenor was second with @Tom Miler in third.




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October and one of the best months of the year for dressing - at least in the northern hemisphere.  Cleav chose Stars and Stripes for the Challenge on 7 October.  Entrants were asked to show us their stripes.  They themselves were the Stars!


@sebastian mcfox wins again!


@Cleav was joint second in a three-way tie


@RoSaCe - joint second


@SYCSYC - joint second


@Mistraldpec was third

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For the next Challenge on 14 October @sebastian mcfox chose 'Bond, James Bond' as his theme.


The challenge was to reproduce your favourite ensemble from the James Bond 007 movie series.


Entrants were free to mirror any outfit, from any character, in any Bond film.


@Rais completely blew the field away with this entry scoring 39 votes:


@EFV was second with this smooth look:



@chocsosa was third in his cardigan - with the loveliest accessory:




Then we slowed things down a bit with the next FC, The Sleaze Challenge being on the 28th.


@StanleyVanBuren was a suitably sleazy winner with @upr_crust in second place.


@sebastian mcfox was third. In a high-scoring week each got over 30 votes!





Next up - November!

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Racing towards the end of the year now with the next challenge on 11 November 'Your Establishing Shot'.


The credits fade out, the sky fades in, the camera pans down, and an individual starts to come into focus...This FC brought some great entries and @Clouseau appeared on course to get a maiden win but @Shen found some early snow and stole it!  @DiplomaticTies  took third.




L'Inspecteur on the case


DT - is that you?



But on the 18th @Clouseau nailed it with a great win in 'The Drugstore Years' celebrating la Bande du Drugstore and their massive influence on 1960s modernism.




@EFV in second


@Rais in third

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