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The first FC of March 2016 (Friday 4th) was No Patterns.  Organised by @DiplomaticTies and won by @Murlsquirl


Winner @Murlsquirl



Joint Second Place @sebastian mcfox and @upr_crust


Third Place @Claghorn 

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For the Casual Elements Challenge of 11 March 2016 both Murl and Seb McFox were on the podium again with @sebastian mcfox a runaway winner with 40 votes.  @Gerry Nelson was second on 21 with @Rais and @Murlsquirl sharing third on 18 votes.


@sebastian mcfox


@Gerry Nelson





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The FC for Friday 18 March 2016 was #Menswear.  I am not sure if I completely understand the term and, looking at the entries it seemed to leave plenty of room for interpretation!  It produced some great entries though with @sugarbutch the winner on 15 votes, closely followed by @crappbag on 14 and @Gerry Nelson on the podium again with 11.








There was a bit of a gap to 1 April 2016 before the next Challenge, which saw a return to 'business as usual' on the podium.  @Anden @Cleav and @EFV - in that order.


Are you a Cardican or a Cardican't?



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The Challenge on 8 April was another Herringbone one.


It was won by a very smooth @in stitches 


@katabatic was second with @Cleav sharing third with @sebastian mcfox








Sebastian McFox

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For the 15th April Stitchy came up with a great idea - The 20th Century Man Challenge.


It produced a very different podium (although EFV was still there!)


@CruzAzul - Winner as 1970s man


@EFV at the cottage in second place


@Clouseau as a 1970s Suedehead in joint third


@McDermott as 1970 Amsterdam skinhead featuring double denim!


Then a break to 29 April for the trickiest Challenge of them all?  Navy Trousers Unleashed!


The Challenge was won by @AlexRamius , with @EFV in second.  @Thin White Duke was third.




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Very nice, thank you

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So, we are at the end of April - a  third of the way through 2016 and have had 14 Challenges.


Each has been won by a different poster.  The most consistent appearances on the podium are as follows:


@Cleav 6 top-three places and 1 win


@Gerry Nelson also 6 and 1


@EFV 5 times on the podium and 1 win


@Anden 4 times and 1 win.


Some of our FC winners have not yet made any other podium appearance in 2016 (as at end April):






@in stitches




Moving on to May it seems there was another gap to the 13th.  Not a propitious date but the Ode to the Odd Waistcoat Challenge produced some good entries:


Winner @bienluienapris 


Vintage @Roycru in second


Joint third place @AlexRamius


Joint third @An Acute Style

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One more batch for your delectation - the oddly named 'Particular Jacket' Challenge of 20 May:


Winner @CraftsmanCo 


Second - @Gerry Nelson


Third was organiser @bienluienapris

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The last Challenge in May was hastily organised by @Gerry Nelson who kindly stood in - as last week's runner-up.  It was also fittingly won by him!  Second was @bienluienapris who is becoming a regular podium visitor and third was @jcmeyer


The Freestyle Friday Challenge of 27 May 2016:



@Gerry Nelson





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June kicked off with a great Challenge - Seasonal Incongruance.  This required entrants to mix items from different seasons in a tasteful manner!


I recall it was @Claghorn 's original idea.  He came second with @Pliny in third.  But the clear winner in this Challenge for grown-ups only was @Anden




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@Anden chose the next Challenge - and to welcome in summer in the Northern Hemisphere he went for The Bow.


@Mr Knightley was the winner this week, 10 June with @upr_crust in second.  Joint third were @An Acute Style and @Caustic Man.


@Mr Knightley




@An Acute Style


@Caustic Man


Here is a bonus pic from the Challenge thread - The launch, on Winston Churhill's birthday, of the Bow Tie Club of Great Britain and Ireland at the Ritz, London (2012).

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The next week, all the talk was of Pitti Uomo so I chose 'Pitti Peacock?' as the Challenge for 17 June.


There were some interesting entries with @sebastian mcfox a very clear winner on 41 votes - perhaps striking just the right balance between sprezza and trash?  Second was @Claghorn on 12 votes and @mossrockss completed the top three with 11 votes.





As an antidote to all that colour the week before @sebastian mcfox  chose 'Greyscale' as the Challenge for 24 June and came third himself.


It was won though by some truly great photography by @DiplomaticTies 


@Claghorn was second again this week.





Nearly half-way through the year now and I am signing off for Christmas.  Can't wait to post some more great pics soon.


Compliments of the Season to all!

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Before we move into July a look back at the first half of 2016.  We have had 21 Challenges at this point with a wide variety of themes and many different winners.  Only four people have won more than one Challenge up to end of June and they are:



@Gerry Nelson

@sebastian mcfox


All with two wins each. 


Other winners are (in date order):








@in stitches





@Mr Knightley


Most consistent Podium finisher to 30 June @Gerry Nelson with eight!

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The second half of the year - 1 July and 'What the Hell was I thinking' Challenge:


Clags and AAS had their first wins of the year - as joint winners.  DT and RoSaCe came joint second and Thin White Duke was third.


@An Acute Style in patched Madras


@Claghorn in Yohji


@RoSaCe in a rather sudden tie


@DiplomaticTies in a shirt that defies description


@Thin White Duke in a boating blazer much beloved of mid 1960s English Mods

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The next Challenge was not until 15 July and was called the BD Collar Challenge.


Clear winner was @jcmeyer with @fieldofdreams and @Coxsackie in joint second.  In joint third were @mossrockss and @FrankCowperwood






F of D





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