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Nudie Conny jacket

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I recently received my Nudie Conny jacket from context (whose service was great), and was very surprised by the thickness of the denim. I'm not too familiar with denim weights and such, but most other jackets of this type have been a bit thicker. It is almost just like a denim shirt. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it a recent change?
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yeah i feel ya i scored a conny off of ebay some months back... It is very thin, i oftentimes add some starch especially to the sides to stiffen it up a bit so it wears a lil stiffer.. im thinkin years from now after many more washes it will become something like a shirt im really interested in how it will wear over time.. think of it as a "thinkpiece"

I also think its interesting how the conny is almost too thin to wear over a hoodie u know? you almost have to wear it over a t shirt or thermal or henley to do it justice but i do think its a rather flashy and sexy garment..
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I'm curious about the fit............Did you guys size up one on the black Conny or stay true to size?
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I don't think my Connie jacket has any thinner denim than other denim jackets. Unless they changed the material, as I bought mine over 2 years ago.

The fit is really slim and more Euro sized. I have a medium and if it were any more slim I couldnt wear it. So by US standards I sized up, but in reality it's true to size....since I think most US sizing is oversized to begin with
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I think Klemins is talking about the Dry Black Coated Conny, not the selvage Conny. The DBC Conny is indeed a lighterw eight fabric. Both are awesome.
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Yeh, I am referring to the dry black. Gforce, I'd say it runs true to size. Slimmer than your average/levis denim jacket, but not too slim. The selvedge may be different, as Get Smart said.
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im referring to the dry black as well... and it is very thin.. And just for comparison sake i bought a medium and its 20.5 across the chest very slim fitting with a little stretch...
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Great Jacket, how less the hand pocket to carrying stuff.
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