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Shirt pockets

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All: What's the rule/opinion on dress shirts having a breast pocket? Should a shirt worn with a suit have a breast pocket? Or does the pocket signify a more casual look? Thanks.
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I'm sure everyone has a different opinion, but I think that one shouldn't have pockets on shirts. It looks casual, and it ruins the line. And you're wearing a jacket anyway, so you can put anything you need to in there. They're fine on button-down oxfords, which are more casual to begin with.
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Another vote for no pockets. Who puts stuff in shirt pockets?
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I typically order pockets on my shirts. I put my building access card in my shirt pocket when I'm walking around the office without a coat, and sometimes put note cards or business cards there. While I appreciate the clean look of a pocketless shirt, I just like the practicality of pockets. That's the same reason I order ticket pockets on most of my suits--the ticket pocket is the only outside pocket I use, I put my cell phone there and it's high enough on the waist that it won't swing around when I walk.
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Without a shirt pocket, where would I put my pocket protector? For me: dressy, suit-worthy shirt = no pocket casual shirt = pocket optional. All my shirts had pockets until I bought a burberry dress shirt in college with no pocket - didn't even notice at first. Now, given the option, I often specify no pocket. It does look cleaner, no doubt. However, utilitarian or not, I think a pocket can be a nice touch on all but the dressiest/sleekest shirts. I sometimes put a pen in there, though rarely a calculator or plastic sleeve. And I cannot fit my slide-rule in there; that goes in the ticket pocket.  
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no pockets on dress shirts. First of all, you have pockets on your pants, 4 usually. you have 2, at least, on the inside of your suit jacket. if you need an additional pocket on your shirt, you are just carrying too much crap. get a bag.
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If you didn't have a pocket on your shirt how would you button the flap?
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I would definitely say the shirt pocket is more prevalent on button-down shirts. Running through the shirts I have in my closet, I can only think of maybe one or two that do not follow this rule. What I do notice is when you move along the spectrum from more casul (button-down collars) to more formal (spread collar w/french cuffs) you see less pockets and they are usually on American brands (i.e. B.B.). As for a suit, I usually never wear button-down shirts with suits unless I am on my last shirt.
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I have been getting my shirts made for about 25 years and over time, my shirts have evolved into a singular, same style: no pockets, yoke back,french cuffs, semi-spread collar, monogram left side at the belt line. It only took about 20 shirts of various styles to head down that road.
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I used to really hate the shirt pocket, but Helmut Lang has sort of turned me around. Actually, I am sort of enjoying the "Americana" look as filtered and interpreted by a lot of European designers: Helmut Lang's button down shirts, tshirts, or sweatshirts, invariably with chest pockets, Costume National's shawl collar tuxedo with single back vent and flap pockets (very much like J.Press and Brooks Brothers staple interpretations, but cut very slim and rather body conscious) . Very interesting.
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I prefer dress shirts without pockets. Much cleaner and more modern look. My nicer shirts from Brioni, T&A, Talbott, Etro, etc. come without pockets. I do have a very cool military/safari/cargo style shirt from Allen B with dual buttoned chest pockets, plus a small pocket on the upper sleeve, that I love.
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I do have a very cool military/safari/cargo style shirt from Allen B with dual buttoned chest pockets, plus a small pocket on the upper sleeve, that I love.
I really like cargo/military/work shirts, but for some reason, just have an aversion to Allen B. stuff. For me, it is in the same category as Energie and GStar. Although there are selected pieces I like, I hate the lines so much that I could never wear anything by them and not feel dirty.
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I had a set of shirts once without pockets for about 2 years. it drove me crazy. I usually am without a coat at the office and for much of the year without a waistcoat. I just found that not having a pocket drove me crazy. and, the fact is, I don't use the pocket very much, it was just frustrating not having it. next set of shirts that I have made (I still have about 60 from the last batch and it looks like they will last me for another 5 years or so) will have a pocket on the right breast- I am left handed and I think that that will be more comfortable.
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MTM Zegna: 65% cotton, 45% linen, banded collar, no placket, 0 pockets 65% cotton, 45% linen, spread collar, no placket, 1 pocket
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