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Cleaning cuffs

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I work in front of a computer most of the day typing and filling out reports and by the end of the day it seems like the cuffs on my shirt are always dirty. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on cleaning them without having to get the shirt dry cleaned every time I wear it. I was thinking of just hand washing them but I have never hand washed anything and wouldn't even know how or what to use to do it.
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you shouldnt be dry cleaning your dress shirts anyway. take them to a good laundry for a wash and a press or do it yourself at home.
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I suppose it's a personal choice, but I wouldn't advise wearing a shirt a second day without washing it. As has been said, you can always do it yourself at home if expense and/or fast turnaround is the issue. But if recycling is okay with you, perhaps you'd also consider it acceptable to turn up your cuffs while you're at your desk? Failing that, the only other things I could advise are to keep your desk clean, carry reports so that they don't brush against your cuffs, or wear black shirts.
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for the cleaning, im not worried about the money or time, Im just worried about over cleaning them and ruining them, Im not sure how many times I can clean something before it starts to mess up. I dont have many shirts so they get worn every week or 2 weeks and I thought that getting washed or dry cleaned every 12 days would tear them up fairly quickly.
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Don't put them in the dryer where the most laundry wear/tear is experienced and they'll last a lot longer.  Alexander Kabbaz has a pretty comprehensive writeup on shirt laundering if you want the absolute final word on the matter: Kabbaz on shirt laundering Regards, dan
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