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Your most comfortable shoes

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Hello, How about the most comfortable pair (or two - if you must). Some history, and pictures. I'll start the thread by saying my Alden Welterweights in tan. Yeah, yeah, I hear the groans about the rubber sole. I bought these at Neimans in Dallas around 91/92. Three resolings. Most interesting thing is that my feet grew from a 9.5 to a 10.5/11 over that time and as I was constantly wearing these, they grew along. Tried newer pair of the same shoe in 9.5 - too tight, in 10 - just not the right fit. I once walked from Columbia U to SOHO and back in one day and went partying later that night. The original pair are now misshaped cause I pronate a lot. I'll post pictures as soon as I can link my phone camera. -
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It's a toss-up for me, between Allen-Edmonds Holbrooks (suede bucks -- so comfortable I've got three pairs of various ages) and a pair of Edward Green Chelseas that I bought new on EBay -- just a perfect fit, no slippage, no pinching, etc.
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Easily my Santoni handmade slip-ons. They weigh almost nothing and fit like a slipper. Something like 4 years old and still in the original sole.
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