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Originally Posted by acidboy View Post

^ my visitor usually wears a black cloak. but yeah, its the same wonderful experience.

Is it a designer cloak? Bespoke or otr?
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Originally Posted by lpalma121 View Post

Is it a designer cloak? Bespoke or otr?

one time it was in burberry plaid. that was a real nightmare.
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Originally Posted by j View Post

It happens, it's pretty natural for it to happen to everyone once in a while. It's just where your body stays "shut down" as happens normally in your sleep, while your brain and awareness wakes up for some reason. It can be scary especially if you don't know what is going on, but in my experience it rarely lasts long.

The ones that bug me are where I wake up and start going about my normal day, and an hour or so later weird stuff starts to happen and I finally notice and then I wake up for real... I feel ripped off since I spent dream time doing my mundane tasks. Sometimes I also know I'm asleep and dreaming but can't make myself wake up.

Do some reading (actually we had a good thread here) about lucid dreaming - studying about it can make you feel more in control of your time asleep, which IME can lead to better, more productive sleep.

This. Strangely I just read about, or heard about this somewhere recently and it's happened to me only once or twice.
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3:50 in the morning, I woke up someone was tapping my leg and when I turned no one was there. dammit.
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Seems that those of you who experience the 'dead limb' syndrome are possibly sleeping in some creative positions that have inadvertantly led to cutting off your blood circulation. Upon waking, gently massage the dead limb back to life. This method is especially useful in achieving morning wood.
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