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Isn't the Jazz model Saucony's casual shoe? and therefore a sneaker?
Running shoes, sneakers, whatever, it's all the same to me...
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No offense, acole, I dig Jazz, but running in them? My feet and calfs (calves?) hurt just thinking. Update on those Varvatos cons I got. They're pretty sweet. One detail I like: left heel says "All", right heel says "Star." One detail I don't: the brown mesh has a flashy gold second layer. It's unobtrusive, but when I notice it, I'm not sure I like it. Guess I should've taken heed of the "Mesh detailing with a metallic finish" part of the desc. I wore em out last night and they shall be the starting pair in the after work rotation.
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No offense, acole, I dig Jazz, but running in them? My feet and calfs (calves?) hurt just thinking.
They're Saucony Grid Jazz 8s, actually, but this particular pair is shot--I've pounded the midsoles into oblivion and they now feel like wooden clogs.  It's actually my shins that hurt.  I could tell they were really toast yesterday when I had occasion to run a short way in the Dino Certo monks I got from Lance (great shoes.); those actually felt better.  The original attraction of the Grid Jazz was the $35 price tag; I'm headed off to The Runner's High this week to pick up something more suited to me. When I first started running I went 2.5 years wearing an already-old pair of Asics gel crosstrainers, which I also used for mountain biking.  When I finally went to the running store for a replacement, it was because the soles had worn down into the midsole, and because one of them had completely detached from the shoe except at the toebox.  The look on the salesgirl's face was absolutely priceless.
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(LA Guy @ 01 Dec. 2004, 11:57) Quote Jeans = boots. Sneakers = Athletic wear. Jeans + sneakers = populous.
Gimme a break.   A guy without a single pair of sneakers in his wardrobe to be worn with jeans, if just for kicking around on the weekends = uptight twat.
Uptight twat, I could not have said it better. Jon.[/quote] What is so uptight about not wanting to wear sneakers with jeans, I don't, and I am far from uptight, sneakers are made for shorts or mowing the lawn when not working out.
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acole, I wasn't thinking. I had these in mind, and was baffled by your hardiness, to run in them. I guess there was a time when these were top-of-the-line, though...
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Now, those are some originals.  We sure have come a long way in the technology of athletic wear...can you imagine wearing a sports jacket for actual sports?   I certainly don't look for extra privation in running or walking--these days I get the most cushioned shoe I can find.  I don't know why I ran in that same pair of Asics for so long, but it wasn't hardiness...more like foolhardiness.
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I like the above, albeit in a different colour scheme. Adidas Samba and Rod Laver, Nike AirForce/Dunk and Jordan(low top) and New balance UK leather edition are good choices also. New balance 580 jap edition are considered to be a very fashionable sneakers in Asia, but they are not my style though. I don't need to have a rollbar in the heel when my feet do not pronate much.
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Now that we all know what the signs are for a quality, long lasting dress shoe, how do you know if the sneaker is going to be any good? Or, do you only focus on the aesthetics of the sneaker?
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Esquire:     Well, there are quite a few  review sites out there for different types of sneakers. The one I miss most is Really indepth review.      If you were talking about the quality of materials used, then I guess the leather of Nike Premium and HTM series, New balance UK series are acceptable. Then there is that Foamposite material developed by Nike that can conform to the shape of your feet and provide a good lock down feel.  However, don't be surprised that many sneakers use glue to hold different pieces of the shoes together, you won't find any Goodyear Welt construction being used. One last thing, the quality of sneakers have slipped. You may wish to note that back in 1986/1987, the Nike Air Jordan II was produced by Bally in Italy.
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