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Removing Belt Loops?

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Hi there,

I have read that it is possible to remove belt loops from trousers, in this case that I am inquiring about is from a newly bought suit. I've read online that it is and is not possible?

I talked to my tailor about it, turning the belt loops into side adjusters? She said it was not possible.

Maybe I am not asking the right question or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about... I do like the look of a suiting pant to have no belt loops to it. What would be the best way to accomplish that? Is it even possible? What does the end product usually look like? How should I properly address it to my tailor?

Thank you!
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Have your tailor remove the belt loops. It's one of the easiest things to tailor. Do you know how you're going to hold your pants up?

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I am very naive when it comes to this so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge but what are my options? Obviously, I'll have the pants snug enough to hold around my waist but once and if my tailor removes the belt loops, do they usually add side tabs? Side Adjusters?

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Why do you want to take off belt loops? I ask because generally people who want this know quite a bit about trousers and have specific preferences.


Side adjusters need to be built into the waistband structure, so adding them to a finished pair would require your tailor to do some open heart surgery. I'm not a tailor, so no idea on cost, feasibility, or even if it can be done.

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Don't do it. Buy pants with side adjusters or suspender buttons. You will very likely ruin the look of the pants by removing the belt loops.
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Simply removing belt loops is very easy, but I agree that then adding side adjusters is considerably more complicated. I won't tell you it's impossible, just that it'll cost money and the end result may be somewhat disappointing. Although admittedly, the tailor's skill will have a lot to do with the quality of the finished product. Take the pants to a great tailor, and adopt a "price is no object" approach, and everything could turn out just fine. But it'd be preferable in so many ways to simply go out and buy a pair of pants that are what you want from the start.

As for removing the loops and wearing the pants with suspenders... well, ideally pants intended to be worn with suspenders are cut somewhat differently from those meant to be worn with a belt. It's not always so, but it really ought to be so. So that conversion option wouldn't be high on my list, either.

The best choices might be to either (1) leave the belt loops in place and wear the pants with a belt, as they were intended to be worn; or (2) sell the pants and put the money toward a new pair of pants with side adjusters (assuming you really want side adjusters).
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I think it's more of a style preference to me? I've seen images and people mostly from shows wear their suits with belt loops or without it. For some reason, I feel like it looks better withoutbelt loops. I usually wear my suit without a belt anyway and just leave the beltloop as is? I guess that looks fine to? I've never seen a finished product of a pair of pants with having it removed of the loops. 


GusW and 12345Michael5421:


Thank you for your input. So it looks like my options are 1) Risk it and hope for the best (Not going to do) 2) Leave the belt loops as they are and if I wanted to wear a belt I could... 3) Just simply remove them and have the pants be held with the given waist band they have? 


Overall, I know from MTM and Bespoke suits, you see it come with side adjuster pants so I guess I'm trying to replicate the look without spending too much extra?? Would it look odd with just removing the belt loops??

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If I may point out one flaw with your reasoning: Historically exposing the waistline was not done, and not for any nonsense reason, but because it doesn't look good. You see this in the cummerband-or-waistcoat rule of black tie. Waistbands only started getting exposed in the cloth rationing days of WWI, so you can see that it wasn't for any aesthetic reason.


So while details are very important, focusing so much on this one detail is counterproductive. You have much better things to worry about such as rise, break, tapering etc. that dwelling on belt loops is silly. Personally, I'm a big-time suspenders wearer, but I never remove loops. They just add versatility.


Next thing you should correct: taking any advice watsoever from fashion shows.

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I guess you're right! I should look at it more as a versatility thing. It is there if I need it and if I decide to wear a belt or not. The look does not look that bad wearing a suit without a belt. I think I might be just too peculiar on certain things.. lol. Thank you! 

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Originally Posted by Trinh13715 View Post

I guess you're right! I should look at it more as a versatility thing. It is there if I need it and if I decide to wear a belt or not. The look does not look that bad wearing a suit without a belt. I think I might be just too peculiar on certain things.. lol. Thank you! 


Yes, big picture is important. The loops are made from same color and fabric as the rest of the suit. So what percentage of people do you think would even notice belt loops are there?

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Originally Posted by starro View Post

The loops are made from same color and fabric as the rest of the suit. So what percentage of people do you think would even notice belt loops are there?
Few. Especially if one's jacket is kept buttoned, which it typically should be.

Okay, maybe unbuttoned if one is seated. But even then, chances are the belt loops are either out of sight, or visible only if one actively looks for them.
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How easy or effective removing belt loops depends on a few variables.There are several methods of attaching belt loops to a trouser. If they are just sewn onto the surface of the trouser it s very easy to remove them. Biggest concern would be cutting the trouser material when removing the stitching. Loops sewn on in this manner is rarely done and most likely done this way on very high end  trousers.

Most common sewing method has the lower part of the loop sewn into the waistband seam and probably sewn onto the outside of the waistband or extends over the top of the waistband and into the curtain. Removing the loops requires lifting the curtain and unstitching the waistband seam where each loop is and restitching the seam. This becomes a lot of work. same risk of cutting the material applies when removing the stitching.

Many RTW trousers with loops don't have an extension on the waistband. This looks a bit peculiar without belt loops as it is customary to have an extended waistband style with beltless trousers.


Side straps would require additional cloth to make them. If RTW you have no access to extra cloth. Exception would be if the trouser was so long that the excess cloth could be used after hemming the trouser. The waistband is cut along the warp and you would want the side straps to be cut in the same direction meaning you need 5 or 6 inches of cloth. You could get away with cutting along the weft on a solid cloth but not a pattern or stripe.

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I just had this done on three pairs of trousers. The tailor was able to take material from hemming/cuffs and create side adjusters. I have recently stopped liking belts with trousers after getting a suit with side adjusters and loving the comfort it provided as well as the look.

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Removing the belt loops and adding side tab adjusters  can be done and if done by a skilled tailor there is no risk. You need cloth for the side tabs - there may be enough at the trouser bottom.  The cost will vary with how the belt loops are sewn on the trousers- if it is necessary to open the waist band to remove them it will take more time.  When we make trousers for customers with side tabs and no belt loops we always have an extension tab in the front. This gives the trouser a cleaner finish.  You will not be able to do that with your trouser.

Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/

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