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Dress boots dilema

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Hello all,


I am looking to buy my first dress boots for the fall/winter season and I choose the color to be brown. I am living in a country where there is not a much options and stores where I can buy those kind of boots but still I found two models I am considering. However, I need help to understand how they differ in style so that I can decide which one to get. So here they are:

model 1:


model 2:


Please ignore the text on these pages, just look at the pictures to see the actual boots. 


Both boots are from Tommy Hilfiger and they are similar but still different so can someone explain to me what effect these differences make from the styling point of view? I mean, the model 2 has some kind of a black strap on the ankle and also the zipper on the inner side. Are these details make the model 2 boots more "casual looking" than the model 1?


The way I would like to combine these boots in my outfit is mostly with dark jeans and coat/jacket/blazer on the upper part of the body. Something like on these pics:




(please ignore the fact boots are not exactly brown on the the last two pics, I am trying to describe outfit in general)


So which boots model should I choose based on these outfit I will be combining them with?

Also if someone could break it down for me and explain reasons behind that, it would be very appreciated. 



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Those which fit and are comfortable represent a good start and probably the only criteria by which to judge them. They're your feet..

Have you actually tried any of these or is it just guess work that any will fit you?
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Yes I have tried them in store and they fit nicely on my feet and also seem comfortable.

I just couldn't decide which one to get because I am not very good at figuring out all the style/fashion stuff (being a male I developed more the logical part of my brain so I am not very good at spotting or combining colors/patterns/clothes etc... a newbie that is still learning about all these stuff :)).

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The first pair of boots has a classic look, which makes it compatible with most casual cool-weather clothing. The second is slightly odd (for example, patchwork leather). Choose the first
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You might have started this thread by spelling your problem correctly:

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The first one is better for what you want to do. As pointed out, it is a classic style and will thus coordinate better with the other pieces in your outfits. The second is more fashion forward. 

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