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need help identifying mens pants brand

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Hi there! I saw a man wearing business casual dress khaki pants (or possibly colored jeans(?)) that i would describe as "fancy" kuhl pants. They had the same look as kuhl's free ryder (maybe) but were more slim cut & had more dressy detailing. He was wearing them with a checkered button down & bow tie. ;)


Any idea what brand of pant this might be? I've checked all the regular department stores with no luck. Hoping to get my hubby a pair. Thanks much for any advice you have! Lori 


Similar to these but much more stylish...


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Those pants just scream " I work in IT and do Landscaping on the side". I am sorry to be a little sarcastic in my comment however, to me colored jeans just do not look that well this modern day. Believe me I understand as I sold them when I was in high school for a company called Jeans West and that was a long time ago.
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I would agree that the details in the Kuhl aren't my aesthetic choice, but it seems like your looking for a step up from that. Cotton or wool 5 pocket pants are still a big presence in better menswear, and I've seen versions from companies like Hiltl, PT05, Zegna, and incotex that are really sophisticated and guys love. Look for something with a clean finish that can pair with a sweater or soft sport coat. The real advantage is a color like gray, olive, tan, or even burgundy pairs with a blue blazer much better than blue denim.
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