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Shoe/pant color with grey?

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I have seen men wearing brown shoes (and hopefully belt) with a grey suit and initially was appalled since i was told this was a faux pas and brown should only be worn with brown. i now know this is not the case as I know brown works great with navy. i have even worn khaki chinos with a grey herringbone coat. Question is, is this appropriate? And how about wearing brown shoes with a grey suit? Again, i was always taught only black was apropos.
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See the recent extensive discussion in this forum on this subject under this thread. http://<a href="http://www.styleforu......;t=3432</a>
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Brown shoes with grey suit = classic, stylish, and classy. Black shoes with grey suit = classic, stylish, classy, and perfectly acceptable. Wearing black shoes only with grey suit = ill informed that only black was appropriate. I think between brown or black, I'd choose brown every time (only time I'll wear black with grey is if I don't have a pair of brown shoes to wear). Between black and burgundy, I'll go with burgundy with charcoal as often as I'll go with black.
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I think this board's despise for black shoes goes way overboard sometimes. There is certainly nothing wrong with black shoes and wearing them to the office/dinner/shopping, etc. The point is that brown works every bit as well -- often times better -- and by using brown you show that you have (1) knowledge, and (2) are not a fashion automaton.
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I like black shoes, but after taking more and more interest in what all you shoe aficionados are talking about, and looking at some of the pictures, I can say without a doubt that usually a brown shoe will have much more character than a black shoe. They are simply more attractive in general, IMO. Brown is (as you said) much less 'safe' and more advanced to get right and requires more thought, so naturally people who care about showing they put thought into dressing will choose a brown shoe over a black one. I wore my antiqued tan/brown AEs out today for the first time since the antiquing and I think they look great. Definitely more interesting than black.
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I think the differentiation is in variety. Black is black; brown comes in many hues and tones.
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