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Churches lasts

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I am looking to buy a pair Churches wooden last that are, i am told 28cm long. On my stick this equates to a 10/ to 10.1/2 however  it has numbers75G82 on them I guess the G is probably the fitting siz,e but can't understand the 75 and 82. Possibly the75 is a style- narrow or wide however are you able to help please.

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Unless you are a shoemaker, you won't have any use for a last (the mould over which a shoe is made). Are you talking about shoe trees?

The way Church's marks it's shoes '75' means size 7½ (English size, presumably); 'G' is a wide fitting and '82' is the number for that particular design of last (shoe manufacturers usually name their shoes but number their lasts).
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Thanks. i converted mm in my head and not on a rule. However on checking the mm rule at 28cm it just comes to a size UK 8 before the add on for hand lasted shoes. A 7.1/2 stick sizes at 275. Thanks for the info. yes I do mean last and not trees. My son wants me to show him how to make a pair of shoes but since he lives nearly 3 hours drive away i don't know how he expects to be able to do it.

 I told him better to go to yOu tube and watch a craftsman cut the uppers ,close and then last. I can hold a watching brief.  ha ha1

It took me 2 years before my Dad let me make a complete pair , and they had to be for me and not a customer's

Regards sercher70

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