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FRIDAY CHALLENGE 14 October 2016 - Bond, James Bond.

Poll Results: Who did the best Bond?

Poll expired: Oct 18, 2016  
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  • 6% (4)
  • 7% (5)
  • 3% (2)
  • 60% (39)
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    Hal Freeman
  • 6% (4)
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The challenge this week: reproduce your favourite ensemble from the James Bond 007 movie series.


This doesn't mean you must don a dinner suit, nor does it mean you must dress like the titular character himself. You are free to mirror any outfit, from any character, in any Bond film.


Outfits must have been worn in October. Tailoring preferred, but go nuts.


Entries will close midnight GMT.


Please include a picture of the character you are replicating.




Originally Posted by EFV View Post

My favourite Bond by far:

My humble entry, from this past weekend:

Originally Posted by JohnAAG View Post

Enjoying Death look from Skyfall


Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post


Originally Posted by smittycl View Post

Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Necros from my favourite Bond film, The Living Daylights (1987).

Originally Posted by Hal Freeman View Post

My submission along with a cross-post from WAYWRN. Sorry for low quality, had to take photos at night after getting home.

Cross-post / Submission 1 : Goldfinger


Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

"Sock it to em J.B." The Specials

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








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Cool challenge--though you would do it the week my grey three-piece is at the cleaner's.  

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Looks like fun.
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I wore the outfit from QOS (fourth from the top) this past weekend.. its a picture with my little one.. but the same non the less down to the suede chukkas/boots..

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Awesome, post it!

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Obviously not entries, but dug these up.


Four years ago.


Three years ago.

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You guys can draw from the movies.

I'm going to the source material.

I appear to have lost some along the way. Went on a Cold War spy fiction kick for a while. Lots of Fleming, Le Carre, and Greene.
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Are the books actually any good?

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Fleming's are. Not read any of the others.

Fleming's Bond is much more interesting than any of the movies' versions. Timothy Dalton and Craig in Casino Royale do a decent job capturing it. The literary Bond is somewhat cruel, fairly depressive, a chronic alcoholic, gambler and womanizer to the point that M and other characters worry about his mental state in several books; I think he gets ordered to see a psychologist or psychiatrist in two of the books, but it's been a while. Self-destructive tendencies, fatalistic, and prone to maudlin bouts of misanthropy.

Opened up a random page in Moonraker:

"It was one of those Shell advertisements. "SUMMER SHELL IS HERE"

Bond smiled to himself and walked back to his car and drove on. When he had first seen the sign, half-hidden by the building, great crimson letters across the evening sky had flashed a different message.


But the novels are still very light-hearted and fun. It's just that character is neither of those things.
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I'll be on trip, but I'll follow carefully

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Feel free to draw from the books, but please include the relevant text :smarmy:

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Fleming's are. Not read any of the others.

Deaver's is pretty good (though I like his normal material, so might be biased)

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Anyone willing to beat the crap out of their Minnis 0656 just for Friday Challenge glory?
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My favourite Bond by far:

My humble entry, from this past weekend:
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