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War With Russia?

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It seems that Russia is unilaterally escalating a confrontation of some sort. Provocative and unpredictable encounters, apparently cyber attacks, closing of communication channels and breaking or withdrawing from treaties.

I wish heismatt or Manton could/would join this thread. @dopey probably has something smart to say though.
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They've been doing this all across Europe. No one lifted a finger when Russia "lent" millions to the national front in France. They've been funding nationalists and extreme right wingers for some time now. Makes sense why they support Trump...

They want to destabilize the First World so they can capitalize on a void in power.
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Holy crap. Putin ally tells American to vote for Trump or face nuclear war.

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Yeah, but Zhirinovsky should not be taken seriously. This is the same fool who went on a drunken rant about Russia having the capability to tilt the Earth on its axis and flood North America, lol.
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Actually the escalation is happening around russias sphere of influence and on its borders in ukraine and spreading NATO to all its surrounding countries and targeting its allies in the middle east.

But anyway
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I always know that Putin support Trump , they are both look like idiots

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A provocation is a great excuse to start a new arms race and spend tons of money on something that will never better this world!

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