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Vintage bike - Phillips

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I know there are some antique guys on this board so maybe someone can help. I found a vintage black Phillips bicycle at the local Salvation Army for $10. It's Made in England and is a 3 spd. Looks to be 50's. Tires still had air in them. I know $10 is nothing, but I don't want to waste $10 on something that will sit in my garage and will never be able to get rid of. My main interest is to clean her up and sell it. It's a women's bike, as it has the slanted bars. Is this worth rescuing.....what do Phillips bikes go for, as I cannot find anything on eBay. Also, it appeared to be in very good condition with a few minor spots of wear on the paint anf on the painted logo.
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Try the Classics & Vintage forum on
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Probably the best resource for English roadsters: (they also have a price guide, of sorts)
Phillips Cycles Ltd. was a respected British bicycle manufacturer based in Smethwick near Birmingham, England. Its history began early in the 20th century and ended in the 1980's by which time it had become part of Raleigh Industries, itself a part of the huge Tube Investments group. For a number of years, the company was the second-largest bicycle producer in Britain, after Raleigh. The company motto, which was carried on all its badges, was "Renowned the World Over". The "Phillips" brand is still used around the world, especially in China and the Far East, having been licensed by Raleigh.
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Thanks! I'm gonna pick it up for my fiance to ride, as it won't turn much profit, but it's too nice a bike to pass up!
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Got any photos?
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