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Darkening cognac grensons

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I just got in a pair of cognac-colored cap toes from Bennie's. Review and pictures (pre-polishing) to follow. I can live with these shoes as-is (the cognac is pretty nice, with mild antiquing), BUT I am really looking to turn these shoes a nice dark brown, something along the lines of a C&J Audley in color. Can it be done? If so, how? Wax polish? Cream? A combination? Your expertise and suggestions are needed. Regards, Montecristo PS: Alternatively, Nightowl, if you get a pair of dark brown captoes in 10.5D in as a return, let me know. I'd be happy to own another pair of these babies.
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Yours truly has a pair of brown (dark, I think) captoes coming in 10.5. If they don't fit -- I think they will though -- I'll PM you. I was lucky enough to get the last pair on Monday morning. Anyways, I think that it can be done with polish. But you'll have to be careful not to screw up the antiquing effect. Mixing together brown, red, and black polish (or blue even) on a plate and then polishing the shoe with the resulting mixture might do the trick. Also, time will darken the shoe, probably. Not to dark brown though. A. Harris posted about a year ago a darkening of some EGs of his. Pretty incredible -- do a search.
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It's easy enough to darken down a pair of cognac shoes. Apply some dark brown shoe cream, leave for a few hours and then apply some clear polish to pick up any excess cream. Go easy on the cream, though: dried blobs are hard to get off.
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Ah, the irony. The same Johnnynorman that I encouraged to buy brown shoes earlier has stolen the pair I wanted.;st=20 You must have caught a return that came in on Monday. I ordered my shoes on Saturday, and at the time they didn't have any in dark brown. Lucky you. I am glad that you got them, though, if they fit. If you're looking to build out your inventory of brown shoes, they're a perfect choice to start with. Please do let me know on the off chance they're not a fit. Thanks, Montecristo
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Using dark brown shoe cream (rather than wax or polish) will darken the leather. I've tried blue too with good results.
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Andrew Harris's guide to antiquing is pasted in the pinned 'best of' post.
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