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Jacket opinions please (Boglioli & Reporter)

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I would like one or two casual jackets. I have found a couple of reasonable Hilfiger blue cotton jackets that are OK, but I also found the following two, from Boglioli and Reporter for £100 each at TKMaxx of all places. Could I have your opinions on how these look please. The photos are not at a great angle unfortunately.

The first is a wool and cashmere gun club Reporter 'quick jacket'. Totally unstructured. It is very short, as is the intended style I think. Is it absurdly short?

The second is a Boglioli 'K Jacket' in a blue cotton/linen blend. Very soft indeed. The fabric is pilling a bit all over but I think that is part of the rather 'raw' character. The rear view shows rather rounded shoulders, but mine are. This tends to cause greater problems with structured jackets with lots of rumbling, divots, etc at the shoulders and sleeve heads.


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The Buglioli looks much better on you.

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It looks better, but it's still too small in the shoulders and the cut is wrong. It needs more padding in the shoulders, and the large pockets are unflattering.
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I agree with mensimageconsultant. The Boglioli is the less bad choice of the two, but I wouldn't call it a good choice.
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