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Dogma... man you guys are good. I was thinking about Ralph Lauren and here you guys go and pull up Dogma. Anyway, I really like the idea of the cashmere hoody, maybe under a leather jacket or a suede jacket as opposed to a full on suit. I just picked up a great marc jacobs oatmeal cashmere v-neck which of course is perfect under a navy suit in the fall.
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I don't think it looks foolish. I'm not much a purist, either, though.
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i don't know about the hoody and sportcoat/blazer look but all this talk about "non-standard" hoodies (whether it's look, material, price(.), etc.) makes me think about the hoodies that Arcteryx puts out. and kudos to the Hans Gruber reference. -Jeff
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It sounds worth trying. It would almost surely need to be a thin hoodie. I have a thin grey RLPL cashmere/silk hoodie that might work. I'll report back the reactions.
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Ive seen this look and while it doesn't appeal to me, it certainly can be pulled off if done correctly. My friend (tall and skinny) wore a charcoal pinstripe suit, a pink striped shirt underneath and then a heather grey cashmere hoody. It was a nice, fresh look and worked quite well for him as it tends to get very cool at nights and early mornings here in NYC. Even if a trend makes it down to Banana Republic (much like the poncho trend for women this fall, which every woman seems to have embraced) you still can embrace the trend while maintaining your own sense of individual style.
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No way in hell on a cashmere hoodie. Incidentally, my wife did P.R. for an Alan Rickman movie and spent a lot of time taking him around to do the media stuff in NYC. They got to talking about Die Hard and he told her that the suits were his idea--the original plan was for the character to be a little scruffier. Perhaps that accounts for the hoodie.
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The picture was not from Diehard. This is a *very* nice hoody from John Varvatos. I would definitely wear it under a more casual jacket as a layering piece:
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I know--the picture is from Dogma. It may be my advanced age and poor memory, but I seem to recall a similar look from Die Hard. Then again, my memory has been shot ever since the baby arrived.
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Here is a good example of the look, from the waist up, by Carlo Pignatelli. From Gaetano Navarra. Here is a great look from Dior, though it is only a turtleneck. As to the purists who feel a slight disgust over a hoodie with a suit the truth is that it isn't that far a separation from a turtleneck sweater under a jacket. Just food for thought.
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