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Sartoriale = Official Affiliate Vendor thread

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I am happy to announce Sartoriale as an official vendor of Styleforum.  I first met Gabor shortly after the forum started, while I was in Cambridge, and he was introducing Vass to the American market and to Styleforum.  Predating my personal acquaintance with Gabor well over a decade ago now, I remember discovering Sartoriale while I was still in grad school, as one of the first Ebay vendors of note selling high end menswear.


So, it's with great pleasure and no small amount of nostalgia that present Sartoriale's official affiliate thread after so many years.  


Welcome, Gabor.








Sartoriale was described by Nick Sullivan in Esquire's Big Black Book as, "the first stop online for quality vintage tailored clothing".

The brand name 'SARTORIALE' in Italian means tailor or tailoring house. The word, Sartoriale evokes tradition, skill and elegance: these elements are the essence of all of

our handmade bespoke menswear items that you can buy online at


Sartoriale launched its online shop in the year, 2000 and is based in New York. Our owner, Gabor Halmos, sourced bespoke items from wealthy consignors, prestigious businessmen and high-profile lawyers. Shortly afterwards, we began sourcing top-quality blazers from Italian fashion houses such as Kiton, Rubinacci, Cesare Attolini, Brioni, Isaia, Sartoria Partenopea and Caruso.


Sartoriale quickly gained a reputation for premium garments and led the field in online exclusive men's tailoring.


16 years later, we still follow our principles of only adding exceptional finds to our range. This is done personally by Gabor, who frequently travels to Europe to meet artisan friends like Luca and Mariano Rubinacci and Gennaro Annunziata of Sartoria Chiaia to discuss and examine their bespoke pieces which are provided exclusively by Sartoriale.

Gabor also introduced premium Hungarian shoe-maker, Laszlo Vass to the U.S. market in the prestigious American retailers, Bergdorf Goodman in New York and in Louis Boston. Today, a wide range of Vass are available in our online store, alongside a superb collection of the best handmade shoes in the world. 


We are proud to offer highest quality bespoke clothing from Anderson & Sheppard of London's Savile Row, and Rubinacci's London House, in addition to luxury labels from Italy, France, and throughout Europe (Dior, Balenciaga, Balmain, Gucci and Tom Ford) in both vintage and and the most contemporary brands of the 21st Century.


This carefully selected collection includes one-of-a-kind rare items that regularly attract collectors, as many of these items will never be seen again.


Sartoriale's mission is to offer the discerning individual with unique style clothing unavailable anywhere else. This is combined with our famous unparalleled customer service and extensive, detailed product information to provide our clientele with the ultimate menswear online shopping experience.

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It is our honor to become an affiliate vendor of Styleforum. I have personally know many of you guys from the old times, and many of you are customers.

From the start my aim was to offer top quality, rare tailoring for a great price. I am a great believer of real hand-made tailoring and footwear. I am drawn to the timeless aspects of these items, they represent true value.

I am excited to start a discussion on this page about our offering, style, or anything that is relevant. If you have any question about the products, please don't hesitate to put it out here.

In this thread, we will introduce special collections, exclusively for the members of Styleforum, so come back soon for some very nice pieces, we are here to share our news, offers and to start we are giving 15% off on all items with coupon code SF15

Gabor Halmos

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Cheers and welcome! Happy customer here.

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Originally Posted by gs77 View Post

Cheers and welcome! Happy customer here.

Thank You!
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We were able to acquire some amazing leather jackets from Seraphin of France.

Shop Here: SERAPHIN Jackets

Beautiful unlined blousons, silk lined buffalo leather parka, suede with croco trims, etc.

As may of you know, they make some of the best leather in the world, they responsible for the HERMES leather collection as well.

Let us know, if you have any questions.
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I always liked to see the ebay pics of the Neapolitans from Gabor-Sartoriale. Could never believe those recent past years I would end studying and practising with most of them. Also to this forum by the same.


So I wanted to give thanks to this person by giving me that inspiration.

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Originally Posted by SartodiNapoli View Post

So I wanted to give thanks to this person by giving me that inspiration.

The nicest compliment we could get, thank you!

We always wanted to be more than just an online store...
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Rubinacci Cashmere Peacoat: Our latest photoshoot Part I

Rubinacci made this peacoat their own by making it unconstructed with a short body, styled more like knitwear, than a jacket. The feel of the cashmere is superb, something to behold for years ahead. There is no need to overcomplicate the styling here, smart monotone layering will do the trick.

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New Arrivals: Brunello Cucinelli Outerwear. Leather, Cashmere and more.

Exciting pieces from blousons to biker jackets and puffers.

See the collection: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Leather Bober

Cucinelli Biker Jacket

Brunello Cucinelli Reversible Puffer Vest

Cucinelli Suede Jacket

Cucinelli Pilot Jacket

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NEW: Dolcepunta Ties and Bresciani for Bespoke Athens socks.

Seven folds, cashmere, cotton. New arrivals from Dolcepunta one of the best tie manufacturer in the world.

Dolcepunta 7 Flod

Dolcepunta 7 Fold Blue

Dolcepunta 7 Fold Red

Bresciani Socks

Bespoke Athens Bresciani Socks

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Nice and welcome as an affiliate
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Originally Posted by Lancaster View Post

Nice and welcome as an affiliate

Thank You!
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Best of the Best Shoes: Il Micio, Bemer, Vass, Lobb, Kiton, Saint Crispin's.

This is our selection from some of the most exquisite footwear in the world:


John Lobb Handmade Shoes sartoriale

Vass Handmade Boots

kiton suede boots

Kiton Handmade Oxfords

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Suits on Film-Our Thread about memorable movie wardrobes

As an homage to the men's style on display in the Oscar winning film, La Grande Bellezza, a good part of our last photoshoot revolved around the wardrobe of Jep Gambardella’s character, which was created by Attolini.


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Nice! Previously bought from Sartoriale and happy to see the association with SF!
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