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I have an interview tomorrow...

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So I had managed to bag myself an interview tomorrow to become a tailor's apprentice/front of house for a tailoring company near where I live. I don't know how to to use a seeing machine, or have any experience in menswear retail or tailoring, but the owner understands and likes me enthusiasm to learn.

What things should I not say and what are some questions that I can ask him which aren't generic and boring? I want to stand out, but not be arrogant or a know it all.

Any tips would be highly grateful and taken in.

Thanks, chaps.
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"What qualities do your best people have in common?" Listen, and write them down.

Then, "What else are you looking for in an ideal candidate?"

Then give SHORT examples of how you have demonstrated those qualities.

Since you don't have what I call "domain expertise", you want to emphasize the qualities of character that make up for your (short term) lack of experience and knowledge. Those are:

- strong work ethic
- ability / desire to learn
- strong interest in all aspects of the business
- ability to listen and empathize and generally work well with people and customers.

Hope this helps. I would not suggest you try to demonstrate more knowledge about the subject than you have, which includes asking "clever" questions designed to make you look smart or knowledgable. You're better off presenting yourself as a hard worker and earnest student.

My two cents.

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Thanks, Jim. I'll use that so I don't make a fool out of myself!

One thing I do notice about myself, if that I sometimes over explain or waffle on when I'm nervous. I'm going to have to keep that under control this afternoon.
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In any case, best of luck. I would imagine that you're already in with a good chance, based on what you've told us.

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Well I start tomorrow smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Purplelabel View Post

Well I start tomorrow smile.gif

Well done!
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Wish you all the very best!! :)

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