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Sid Mashburn Kincaid Suits

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Hey guys, new to the forums!


I just posted this over at Askandy, but wanted to get as many opinions as possible. Thanks!



Long time lurker first time poster. I recently got hired on my next career and decided I wanted some good suits as a treat. I went over to Sid mashburn and picked up a couple suits. Absolutely wonderful store by the way. Anyway, I Just got them back in the mail and need some much needed advice.

To start with, I love the quality of the suits. They feel and look nice and the full canvas feeling is already spoiling me. But I feel like I need some touch ups. Also a disclaimer upfront, these came straight out of the shipped box, so some of the wrinkles could have been attested to that. As for stats, I'm 6'1 and 190-195 lbs. And now on to the suits...

The navy jacket feels slightly big on me. Ideally I'm looking for a fairly modern and slim look...but not at the expense of looking ridiculous. So aggressively tailored but not skinny if that makes sense. That said, I feel like I can get a little more waist suppression but it's impossible for me to be please, by all means, let me know what you guys think.






And here's the charcoal suit I picked up. the jacket is a little more snug. The trousers are cut a little too high on this one but that's an easy fix. My main concern is the back which snags and pulls in multiple places. Hopefully that is also a routine fix as well on the return visit to the tailor. The same goes for the Navy.








Overall, what do you guys think? Also, anyone have thoughts on a creating a slighter taper on the legs? Once again, I'm happy with the suits, but I feel like there needs to be some work done still. But I don't want to go overboard either. So I'm asking for some brutally honest suggestions and feedback! I appreciate it!

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Shameless bump. Anyone? 😀
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