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Robert Herjavec's dress shirt

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I want to wear the best-looking suit for my upcoming graduation (Master's degree).  Of course, I will wear cap and gown, but after the commencement, I want to look good in a suit as I will hang out with my family and friends at a nearby restaurant/bar.  It will be in December 2016 in northern Colorado (yes, it'll be cold at night).


I am fascinated with Robert Herjavec's dress shirt.  (Robert is from "Shark Tank"). His collar is somewhat large, but he looked good in that shirt.  What type/style is that collar?  I don't think it's button-down collar.  You can google his name and view many of pictures, you will notice that his collar are often large, but in a really nice fashion.


I will get a nice slim-fit suit from Macy's.  I'm sort-of skinny and tall 6'1".  I think I will go with traditional black-color suit, no vest.  Do you think I'll look good wearing a black dress shirt and black tie.  I know it's all in black.  I'm open to your suggestions and ideas.



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I really don't like the look of black shirts with suits. I find it usually looks cheap (no offense). I mean, it looks pretty good when George clooney does it on a Nescafé commercial but most of us aren't him. Also black suits are considered pretty formal, good for weddings and funerals and the like, but if you're going to want to wear this suit for work after you wear it for graduation it might not be the best idea (it sounds like this will be your first and only suit).

Personally I'd go with a navy suit, white shirt, white pocket square, find a tasteful tie you like, and you'll be all set. Plus if you wind up needing a suit for work you'll have one ready to go.
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Ok that sounds good - navy blue color suit.  How about grey suit with thin stripes?  Is it appropriate to wear during the winter time?

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