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Now that this forum has upgraded my suit tastes, I wonder what would the members (at least in the colder parts of the country and world) wear over their suits in the winter? Obviously, one could spend a lot of money for an Attolini overcoat, but it would seem to me to be overkill. What brands have well-made and reasonably priced overcoats that would fit in with a Borrelli/Attolini/Isaia type suit collection?
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Shameless, I know...;t=4845 JJF
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Mmmm. That charcoal overcoat would be my choice. Grey is the most versatile color. Goes with pretty much everything. Kai
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All the major suitmakers seem to make overcoats. They should be easier to find now that it's getting colder outside. Depends on how much you want to spend and whether you want cashmere or if wool will do. There's a beautiful new RLPL Cashmere 44L on EBay right now for $900 if I recall correctly. Brooks Brothers makes some nice ones too. Unfortunately, you're going to pay pretty close to full retail price for an overcoat this time of year. Also, I've seen some nice ones that are housebrands, such as Barneys New York.
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If you're near a Neiman Marcus, check out their overcoat collections. They have a house brand--Marcus--that offers within their relative attractive prices. There's an interesting cut in Schneiders (Austria) overcoat that I think goes well with Italian hand-finished suits. I thinking about getting one (just don't let my wife know).
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