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Can I have my suit trousers "slimmed"?

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Ok guys, so basically I have a pair of suit trousers from Jos A. Bank that are very, very baggy. The funny thing is it's supposed to be a "slim fit" but it's probably the most baggy suit I've ever worn. There is all kinds of excess fabric around my thighs and below my knees.


In contrast, I have a slim fit suit from Hugo Boss and the trousers from them fit my legs perfectly. Since my legs are relatively thin, I like my pants to hug my form. So my question is this...


Can I have my tailor slim the baggy trousers similarly to the Hugo Boss trousers? Is there a way I can give him exact measurements of the pants that fit me well? Or should I just bring them in and show him the Hugo Boss pants? 


I still like the Jos A. Bank suit, and I would wear it more often if the pants fit me better. So is it possible for the pants to be "slimmed"? 



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You can taper the legs from the knee down a little bit, but if your pants are already very baggy and high rise, the proportions might look bizarre. I've had this done on PRL by Corneliani pants and it worked decently because they are medium ris

You should take a step back for a second and think if it's really worth it to spend money fixing a cheap suit with a baggy fit. I think most will agree here that the Jos A Bank cut is not good

Allocate your money to a new suit that fits better in the first place
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